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I was sold at the lowest price C167

I was sold at the lowest price C167: Subterranean currents


A large rock in the Bealife Valley, Rafishal says this is the entrance to the underground ocean current.

“It doesn’t look like an entrance to me.”

“The subterranean currents are a convenient but dangerous place, and they are rigged to prevent easy entry.”

Rafishal said and began to tinker with some kind of machine.

“If we send out a specific frequency, a portal will open.”

As Rafishal said this, the large rock cracked open in half with a thud and the earth rumbled.

“Wow……this is the technology of the ancient civilization…….”

Jean said admiringly.

“Although it looks impressive, it’s very simple.”

I have a feeling that Rafishal’s idea of simplicity and our idea of simplicity are somewhat different, but I don’t want to point it out because it would lead to a long conversation.

The open entrance was wide enough for the ride carrier Fugaku to fit through. As we slowly made our way to the back of the open rock, the path gently descended.

“We’ll keep going down for about a kilometer.”

True to his word, the descent continued for a while. At the end of the descent, I hear something fierce roaring.

“That’s the subterranean ocean current, used by ancient civilizations to travel long distances and generate energy.”

There was a raging sea. In the dark depths of the earth, the scene reflected by the light emitted from Fugaku was terrifying.

Fistina tried to make Fugaku move slowly and let the current carry him along.

“Fistina! Be careful, if you hit a rock or something you’ll tip it over!”

“Yes, sir. Can you make the lights a little brighter? It’s hard to see and operate.”

At the request of the pilot, Fistina, Jean instructed the crew via the ship’s internal communication. Then the lights increased and the view widened.

“Keep moving slowly, Fistina.”

“We’re coming into contact with the wave! Brace for impact!”

Hearing this, Jean alerted everyone on the ship’s broadcast.

“All hands brace for impact! It’s going to be a bumpy ride!”

I hurriedly caught myself on a nearby pillar and prepared for the impact.

The moment Fugaku was hit by the wave, the ship shook violently. Nanami and Farma let out small shouts.


Once we were fully in the waves, the violent shaking stopped and stabilized into a slow, loud shaking.

“The current will take us to the destination on its own.”

“What is our speed?”

“I’d say 50 knots.”

“Fifty! That’s fast!”

“The fastest we can go is about 60 knots.”

“Holy shit…….”

Jean was impressed, but I didn’t know what was so great about it, not even understanding how fast 50 knots was.

As soon as Fugaku stabilized, everyone relaxed and began to enjoy the journey of the undersea current. I was sitting on the bridge with Nanami and Farma, looking out at the scenery.

“Yuta, look! It’s a big rock!”

“It’s really big. Even Fugaku might be in danger if it falls.”

“Don’t say scary things like that, Yuta.”

Nanami was furious with me, and I slunk away from the bridge, where I could see all around me, to the kitchen room. While I was making a drink called charcoal bean tea, which is similar to coffee, Fistina, who had been freed from the controls thanks to the ocean current transfer, came in.

“Charcoal bean tea, I’d like some too…….”

She asked me in a modest way.

I increased the amount of beans and made charcoal bean tea for the two of us.

“Come to think of it, I haven’t had a chance to talk to Fistina, have I?”

I casually broke the ice over a cup of charcoal tea.

“Yes, because Yuta-san always looks so busy.”

“No, I don’t think I’m that busy. I just do what I have to do and before I know it, time has passed.”

“Isn’t that what you call being busy?”

“Well, I suppose it is.”

Fistina, who always has a blank expression on her face, smiled a little when I gave her such a foolish answer.

“‘Yuta, we’re having a rider meeting, come to the hangar!”

Linnecarlo said a little grumpily.

“What? Was there a meeting?”

“Yes, there was. Come on, I’ll walk you to the hangar.”

“I’m sorry, Fistina.”

“It’s okay.”

Linnecarlo grabbed my arm and pulled, probably to keep me from running away. I didn’t disobey her, and she took me straight to the hangar.

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