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I was sold at the lowest price C168

I was sold at the lowest price C168: The Big Bathroom

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Fugaku has two large bathrooms to accommodate the large number of passengers. The women’s baths and the men’s baths are used separately, and as a matter of course, each bath is closed to the opposite sex.

Before we hired the crew, it was only me, Jean, Arthur, and Lorgo who used the men’s baths, but now there are many men on board. In the men’s bath, which has become more masculine in both good and bad ways, we often talk about lowly things that the women can’t hear…….

“After all, Alana’s intimidatingly accentuated body is the best, right?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, nothing beats Linnecarlo’s refined and graceful body!”

“Huh, you two don’t understand the appeal of a real woman, do you? Taking into account not only the beauty of her appearance, but also the way she behaves on a daily basis, it’s obvious that Emina is the best in terms of attractiveness as a mature woman.”

“No, no, no, no, you don’t understand. In fact, she’s not a rider, so she doesn’t stand out, but she’s an incredibly beautiful woman, Fistina, who’s in charge of controlling Fugaku.”

The male crew members concentrated their attention on these four girls. I think Nanami and Farma are cute too, but I guess they can’t beat the sex appeal of an adult woman.

“What do you think, Yuta-san?”

One of the crew members casually asks me.

“Eh, what are you talking about?”

I pretended to not understand the question.

“We’re talking about who’s the best girl in the Iron Knights.”

“I think they’re all attractive, but I’ve never thought about who’s the best.”

“Well, yes, Yuta-san is kind, so you can’t say that it’s Alana-san.”

“Don’t just decide that Yuta-san’s number one is Alana-san! It could be Linnecarlo-sama!”

“Can’t you hear Yuta’s voice in your heart, it’s Alana-san, I’m telling you!”

Another heated debate begins. I really do think they’re all fascinating to me…….

“Hey, you guys! You guys are saying that Alana is the best, Linnecarlo is the best, you’re in love with Emina, and Fistina is beautiful, but you’re forgetting the real number one!”

Darm, one of the twin brothers who were apprentice mechanics, complained loudly.

“What the hell, Darm, is there any other candidate besides those four?”

“Yeah…..I can’t even think of anyone. Who is it?”

“It’s Liza, the star of the Mechanic Squad!”

When Darm said that, time stopped for a moment. I think Liza is cute too, but when it comes to being a bit more attractive as a woman, I can certainly understand everyone’s reaction. Liza’s work clothes make her look like a boy at first glance……

“You idiot! Darm! You’ve been looking at Liza like that? You’re too pathetic to be my brother!”

The one who shouted out in anger was his twin brother, Balm, who was an apprentice mechanic.

“What the hell, Balm! Don’t you find Liza-san attractive?”

“I’m sure that Liza’s little gestures of a woman in between the work are very nice. But, you know, Liza is also our teacher, and you can’t look at her like that…….”

I did hear that Liza is the one who teaches the twins many things. You can’t look at the teacher with such an evil eye, Balm is as serious as he seems.

“Balm, I know what you’re really thinking, and you’re fooling yourself by saying that, but there’s someone you think is nicer than Liza-san.”

“Tsk…..you’re indeed my twin brother……how could you see through my feelings……?”

“Tell me exactly who it is!”

“Damn……the best woman who has never left my heart is……Mr. Rafishal!”

“No! No, Balm, Rafishal is a man, despite his appearance.”

I couldn’t help but remind him……

“Of course I know he is a man, but……doesn’t matter what gender he is! As long as it’s cute, it doesn’t matter!”

Ugh, I wonder if I should tell Rafishal about this…….

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