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I was sold at the lowest price C169

I was sold at the lowest price C169: Bathroom / Nanami


There are two large bathrooms in Fugaku. One is for the guys and the other is for the girls. I really want to take a bath with Yuta, but everyone says I can’t. I wondered why I was not allowed to take a bath with Yuta, since we took our first bath together.

“Nanami, can you hand me that soap?”

I handed the soap to Alana who came next to Nanami and said so. Alana’s body is amazing by the way, her body is toned in general and her breasts are just huge.

Nanami sighs as she compares her own flabby breasts to Alana’s intimidating ones. I wonder if Nanami will be like that one day.

“Sorry, Nanami, I’m out of shampoo.”

Emina comes to ask me for shampoo. Emina’s body was lean and lean, and had the ideal female body. It’s not as big as Alana’s, but it’s there where it counts, and her hips are nice and perky. I want to have a butt like Emina’s, but I don’t know how to do it. …..

“Nanami, I need a little back rub.”

Linnecarlo asks Nanami to do the same as always. Before I knew it, it was either Nanami or Farma’s role to wash Linnecarlo’s back.

Linnecarlo’s skin is white and smooth. I don’t know what kind of magic she uses, but her skin is so fine that it really absorbs your palm, and it feels good just to touch it. Her breasts are as large as Aluna’s, and they have a nice shape.

“Oh, Linnecarlo, I envy you. Nanami, can I be next, please?”

Fistina said to me. Fistina is as beautiful as a doll. It’s a little bit scary to see how beautiful she is, and I hesitate to touch her because I think she might break.

“Oh, it’s unusual for Liza to come to the bath at this hour.”

Alana called out when she saw Liza come in with a towel covering her body.

“I thought I’d come in with you sometimes, Alana-sama…….”

“That’s very nice of you to say, then stop hiding behind that towel and show me everything.”

As she said this, she pulled Liza’s towel in a flash.

“Oh, Alana-sama, no! I’m so embarrassed!”

Alana took the towel from her and Liza exposed everything. She’s always dressed like a boy in her work clothes, but when she’s naked, you can barely tell she’s a girl. I knew Liza was just like Nanami. It’s a little bit of a relief to look at Liza’s tiny breasts and think that way.

“Nanami, come with me to the bathtub over there.”

Here you come, traitor! Falma’s breasts are nice and full, even though we are not that different in age and height. Whenever I pointed this out, she always replied,

“I envy Nanami’s body, even without breasts it’s better than this cursed one.”

When she says that, I can’t say anything else…….I wonder if we can somehow lift Farma’s curse…….

In the bathroom, we often talk about Yuta. Today was a rare occasion when Fistina asked me to talk about Yuta.

“Does Yuta have a specific person in mind?”

Alana and Linnecarlo responded to her words.

“I guess I’m the closest.”

“Oh, Alana, did you hear that from Yuta himself?”

“I could tell by the way he usually said and did things, couldn’t I?”

“That’s a very selfish assumption.”

“I’m less presumptuous than some princess…….”

Wow, it’s started again……Normally, not so much, but when it comes to Yuta, there’s instantly an uneasy atmosphere between Alana and Linnecarlo……

“Don’t rub it in when we’re taking a bath.”

When this happens, Emina is usually the one to intercede. But today, Nanami also wants to insist.

“Nanami has known Yuta the longest, so Nanami is the closest!”

I said……I was afraid that they would argue with me, but they didn’t. I’m not sure why, but they all started laughing.

“I’m sure you’re right, Nanami has known Yuta the longest.”

“I’m no match for Nanami.”

“But I guess you’ll have to wait until things get a little bigger to say that.”

Alana said as she looked at Nanami’s body.

Hmmm. When I grow up, I’ll have breasts that are better shaped than Linnecarlo’s and bigger than Alana’s! And then even Yuta won’t leave me alone.

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