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I was sold at the lowest price C170

I was sold at the lowest price C170: Rafishal’s Awakening / Yuki

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Dr. Brule is manipulating some kind of glowing string board that was in the room. Then, with a beep, the machines around her begin to respond.

“It is time for the Great Sage Rafishal to awaken.”

As Dr. Brule said this, she blew up a puff of white fuzz and the capsule opened. With a snap, the figure lying in the capsule reacted. He’s alive…….He was really just sleeping.

The Great Sage Rafishal slowly rose from the capsule. He scampered around, and when he saw us, he spoke to us.

“How long have I been asleep……?”

“About ten thousand years.”

Dr. Brule said.

“Who are you? No, you’ve broken my seal, which means you’re a descendant of the Messiah family.”

“Yes, my name is Brule, Great Sage.”

“Brule, thank you very much. I must reward the Messiah family handsomely.”

“No, no need for such a favor. It is enough that our long-cherished wish, Lord Rafishal’s resurrection, has been accomplished.”

“I’m impressed by your loyalty, even after all these years. By the way, I would like to know more about this world, can you tell me about it?”

“Of course, sir. I will prepare a room for you on the ride carrier, and we will go there.”

Dr. Brule’s tone clearly changed in the face of the Great Sage Rafishal. What about the Messiah family?

“Dr. Brule, did you know that the Great Sage Rafishal was sleeping here?”

I wandered so much that I asked the doctor.

“Of course, yes, we, the Messiah clan, have been waiting for 10,000 years for the seal to weaken. The procedure for lifting the seal was also handed down to us by Rafishal-sama himself.”

“Well, then, investigating the ruins is……”

“That’s just a ruse, the real goal is to revive the Great Sage Rafishal.”

Mary reacts to Dr. Brule’s words.

“Is that the will of the emperor, Dr. Brule……?”

“No, the emperor doesn’t know, he just wants to investigate the ruins.”

It was clear that Dr. Brule is loyal to the Great Sage and not the emperor.

“Dr. Brule, if it is not the Emperor’s will, we cannot help you any further.”

“Is the will of the Emperor so important to you, Mary?”

“Of course it is! We’re soldiers of the Elysian Empire!”

“The Elysian Empire was created by the will of the Great Sage Rafishal…….”

“What do you mean……?”

“The Elysian Empire is the Eternal Kingdom, isn’t it, Dr. Brule?”

Rafishal, who was listening to the conversation, asked Dr. Brule.

“Yes, we are in the Eternal Kingdom, created solely for the purpose of resurrecting Lord Rafishal.”

“Hmm, it seems that the Messiah clan has been following all my procedures.”

“Yes, we have eradicated the Ludia core-generating technology and sealed away the magical knowledge over the years. In this world, it is no longer possible to create a magicraft from scratch.”

“That’s good to hear. So you have found Feri Ludia as well?”

“I’m sorry……we could not locate her.”

“It’s not perfect, but okay, we’ll talk about it later.”

The Elysian Empire is the Eternal Kingdom…..this is going in a direction I don’t understand.

“Dr. Brule! I still don’t believe that story. I’m detaining you for treason!”

Mary draws her sword and says.

“Are you arresting me……all by yourself?”

Mary ordered her guards.

“Take Dr. Brule into custody!”

But none of the guards moved.

“What are you doing? That’s an order from a senior rider!”

“I’m sorry, but your guards will not obey your orders.”

“What do you mean by that……?”

“All the soldiers here are under the command of the Messiah family.”

“You don’t mean……the regular soldiers of the empire!”

“I’m sorry to mislead you, it’s true that the emperor does not know this, but it is the will of the true ruler of the Elysian Empire, the current head of the Messiah clan, Amuno-sama.”

“Amuno……no way, Prince Amuno…….”

“That’s right. You know what that means.”

“Brule, this is troublesome, that one doesn’t seem to want to obey me, so get it over with.”

Rafishal’s order was to kill Mary. Dr. Brule obeyed the order without a word.

“Soldiers, cut Mary down.”

Immediately the guards moved, swords drawn, and closed in on Mary.

“Wait, please!”

I shouted at the top of my lungs. The soldiers did not stop moving at that shout. However, they obeyed the voice of another person.

“Wait a minute, Brule, who are you?”

“I am Yuki, a triple Highlander, the most senior rider of the Elysian Empire.”

“What is a triple Highlander?”

“It’s a generic term for riders with a Ludia value between 30,000 and 40,000.”

“What do you mean, the most senior rider with only thirty thousand Ludia?”

“In this generation, we don’t have the technology for Nitro Ludia or the Ludia Enhancement Program…….”

“What? Don’t tell her natural value is 30,000!”

“Yes, it is.”

“If it’s natural and it’s 30,000, it could be class 5……or even class 4…….No way, that one too?”

“She’s a double Highlander, a rider with a Ludia value in the 20,000 range.”

“Well, that’s a valuable asset, let’s not kill her. Hey, you, I’ll let you live and you can follow me.”

Mary looked frustrated, but she didn’t reject it.

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