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I was sold at the lowest price C173

I was sold at the lowest price C173: Rafishal’s Anxiety


“What do you mean, “The first stage of unsealing the giant beasts”?”

When Jean asked this, Rafishal replied with an anxious expression.

“In order to break the seal of the giant beasts, you need to first activate the ruins and then use the functions of the ruins to break the three seals…….If even one of the seals is still intact, it will be fine, but if the person who activated the ruins wanted to break the seal of the giant beasts, it will be very dangerous.”

“I mean, it’s been so many years. Couldn’t the ruins have been activated by accident?”

“No, it would take a lot of knowledge and skill just to activate them, there’s no way the ruins could have activated by accident.”

“What’s going to happen to……us?”

“I’m worried about the giant beast’s seal, but there’s another thing……the most dangerous man in humanity history has also been sealed using the giant beast’s seal…….I’m more worried about that……”

“Most Dangerous Man?

“Oh, it’s a long story, we’ll talk about it another time, right now I want to check the seal. Jean, I’m sorry, but let’s leave the mining for later, humanity is at stake, can you head over to check the seal?”

“I don’t know where we’re going, but if the behemoths are back, there’s nothing for us to do but work for free.”

From what Rafishal had told us, this was certainly not the time for casual mining. With his guidance, we started to move to check the three seals.

After a few moments of moving, Fugaku was suddenly hit by a huge shock. There was a thud, a sound like the rumbling of the earth, and at the same time, the ship shook violently.

“What the hell? We’re under attack!”

“Look, there’s something crawling towards us!”

Nanami reported as she looked outside.

“This is not good, it seems that the defense system is not only activated, but also in full swing……Not only the guardians who protect the entrance, but also all the guardians installed in the ruins are starting to move.”

“Guardians or not, we’ve got to fight.”

All the riders nodded at Jean’s words, then headed for the hangar.

“Except for Yuta and Linnecarlo, we’ll stick together and fight.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Linnecarlo replied spitefully to Alana’s comment about being left out of the group.

“Yes, considering the Guardian’s combat power, that would be a good idea.”

Jean also agreed with Alana’s instructions. When I heard that the Ludia value is as high as a double Highlander, we can’t be too careful. It is certainly safer to fight in a group.

The Guardian was not a puppet, but a beast of sorts. Looking at its quadrupedal movement, it seemed to be quite quick.

The Guardians’ attack methods were body contact and biting, and some of them spat out balls of flame from their mouths. All of the attacks seemed to have considerable offensive power, but Nanami and Lorgo acted as the vanguard to block the attacks, and the other members of the team defeated them one by one. Linnecarlo, following Alana’s instructions, made full use of lightning strikes by himself to wipe out the Guardians.

I was alone, charging towards the mass of Guardians. There was no time to conserve my strength, so I suddenly activated Musou mode. Using my glowing fists, I crushed the Guardians.

“If there’s a white Guardian, watch out, it’s the leader with a growth AI, and it’s an Exlander monster with a Ludia value of 100,000, so Yuta should be able to handle it.”

Rafishal urged us to be careful. But most of the Guardians are black, and there are no white ones to be seen. Well, I don’t want to deal with a monster with a Ludia value of 100,000, so it’s better if it’s not there.

“Hey, Rafishal, if there’s a monster out there with a Ludia value of 100,000, tell us earlier!”

“Even if it’s 100,000, it’s only an artificial rider, Yuta, a natural monster, won’t lose.”

“Well, then you’ll be fine.”

“No, how can you come to that conclusion? Rafishal, didn’t you just say something about a growing AI? What if it’s growing weirdly and evolving into a real monster!”

“Oh, yeah, that’s definitely a possibility.”

Rafishal is supposed to be smart, but he’s a little careless in some ways…….

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