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The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C18

The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C18: Receiving and Negotiating


When I left the workshop, the sun was already directly above me.  If I didn’t get to the inn soon, the squires might be worried. They are probably already searching for me. Feeling guilty, I went back to the inn.

I knocked on each of the squire’s rooms, hanging on to a glimmer of hope, but there was no answer. Thinking that they were searching for me, I knocked on Macbeth’s room one last time and heard an absent-minded reply.

“Macbeth. It’s me. Open up.”

“Hmm? Master Chris…what?”

I hear a slamming sound coming from inside the room. From the sound of it, he’s asleep! After a short wait, Macbeth came out of the room, his hair defying gravity in places.

“Oh, good morning. Master Chris…”

“Macbeth, you know what I mean.”

I said in a cold voice, and Macbeth jumped up.

“Ha, ha! I’m sorry I fell asleep while I had the important task of receiving the goods!”

“Macbeth, no next time!”

“Yes, yes.”

“The other squires will probably take care of the pickup, so as punishment, go to the food stalls on Main Street and buy some fried chicken right now!”

“Yes! I’m off! I’m sorry if I’m mistaken, but I had a lot to drink yesterday, and I don’t think the other squires can move. Why don’t you check again?”

And with that, Macbeth took off running.  That can’t be right, can it? I went out the window of Macbeth’s room to the balcony to check on the squires, and found them swooning with hangovers. Seriously, these guys are so boring!


“That’s why I need you to bring it to the inn.”

“If that’s the case, I’d be happy to help.”

“Thank you! But I didn’t know Sotheby’s was here.”

It was the merchant corps of Sotheby’s and Sotheby himself, the chairman of Sotheby’s, who took the trouble to bring the gifts to the capital.

“Yes. It’s not every day that so many nobles gather here. Distilled alcohol and Reversi. Now it’s mahjong. It’s a great opportunity to spread them. They’re addictive, so when they catch on, it’s instantaneous.”

Sotheby’s smiled a suspiciously evil smile. He’s a good but bad merchant. I can trust him because he does gray things but not black things.

“I see. Also, I have a new job for you.”

“What is it?”

Sotheby’s eyes sharpened.

“I’m building a new workshop and need to secure a distribution channel for the products made there.”

“Oh. That’s a big job, isn’t it? It’s hard to judge without actually seeing it.”

“Yes. You’re absolutely right. That’s why I want you to head over here after you bring it in.”

“You’re not coming with us, Master Chris?”

“Yeah. I have no doubt that Sotheby’s will jump at the chance without me having to negotiate.”

I smiled wryly, and Sotheby rolled its eyes and began to laugh uncontrollably.

“I’m surprised you’re so confident. Very well.”

And then Sotheby’s gave his men an earful and they ran off somewhere.

“What did you say, Sotheby’s?”

“Hmm. I sent him to see how many new carriages he could secure. You’re there, aren’t you? There’s the craftsman.”

Sotheby, you’re a sharp guy. I can’t believe you noticed that with so little information.

“Yeah, that’s right. But was it a good idea? I can’t believe you secured the carriage before I saw you.”

“Well, the humble Chris says it so confidently. I don’t need any more reason than that.”

I’m not humble at all.

“I see. I’ll take care of it then.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll take care of it.

I left Sotheby, and then I spotted Macbeth running up to me from a distance with a bag.

“Dear Chris!”

“You did well to get it.”

“Yes! Excuse me? There was a beautiful blonde girl about Chris-sama’s age at the fried chicken shop, she was sitting there looking for someone, do you know her?”

“I don’t know…….”

I think she’s looking for me.

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