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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C16

I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C16: Rogue Lords (16)


I looked at the gold for a while, then I received the pendant from the chamberlain, and I became the master of the gold.

The excellent thing about this secret place is that even if the territory is taken by another country, only I, with the pendant, can enter this space. Even if I let the attendants move the gold and the location will become public, only I, with the pendant, will be able to enter the place where the gold is hidden.

I shouted with pleasure and had a tenth of the gold transported through the night. The amount is about one billion Lunans. When combined with the funds from the territory, it would amount to [1,025,000,000 Lunans]. If I grow my territory with this, the population will increase and I will be able to conscript more soldiers, which will eventually become my military strength.

Originally, the Aintorian family was the royal family. As such, they had military funds that had been prepared by their descendants for the reconstruction.

So the day after I got the gold, I announced a policy to win the hearts and minds of the people!

“My people have suffered at the hands of Viscount Bord. I pretended to agree with him in order to get proof of his evil deeds and that evil has been caught. As an apology for everything I’ve done, I’m removing all taxes from the territory for one year!”

I put all the blame on Viscount Bord and started to work on my reputation. This is the kind of thing an evil lord would do, but it’s okay. As long as I can use what I have to raise public sentiment. I had enough money so I didn’t have to be blinded by taxes.

For a while, the people didn’t understand what I was saying, as they were terrified that I was going to enact another ridiculous policy. It wasn’t long, however, before they started cheering. A year of tax exemption was a great boon that resonated with the people the most.

It meant that they could own 100% of everything they farmed, whereas before, they had been deprived of at least 95% of their crops. That should have been enough to change their impression of the villainous lords in an instant.

[People’s Spirit has risen to 70]

And it was actually showing up in the numbers right before my eyes.

* * *

King Tutanka of the Lunan Kingdom scratched his head in disbelief. He looked completely frightened as all the nobles looked at him.

“Your Majesty, the Delan region and even the Luon territory is…….”

Duke Ronen, the commander of the army, opened his mouth.

“The enemy army is almost here! How long are you going to keep getting beaten up?”

The Lunan Kingdom, which was hit by the invasion of the Narja Kingdom from the north without any preparation, has been losing battle after battle. Of course, the territory on the northern border has fallen in vain, and now the army of the Narja Kingdom is marching right next to the capital. The incompetent King Tutanka, whose top priority was his own safety, blamed the nobles for the situation.

“Oh, did you hear about the invasion of Aintorian territory?”

Tutanka remembered the report he had received the other day. This was very surprising to him, as he usually forgot even the reports he received an hour ago.

“Yes, sir. There has been no second attack and the enemy’s forces are concentrated in the north.”

“So you’re saying that the Lord of Aintorian has won the battle against the Narja Kingdom?”


Ronen wrinkled his brow. He had heard rumors about Erhin, the lord of Aintorian, who had inherited the title two years ago, and his reputation as an incompetent lord who did nothing but misrule.

“According to the reports coming up in the territory, 5,000 territorial troops held off 20,000 troops from the Narja Kingdom……To be honest, I don’t believe it. I can only assume that they increased their merit.”

“But he stopped them, didn’t he?”

“I think he got lucky.”

Tutanka shook his head at Ronen’s words. The capital was about to be invaded at any moment, and any lord who won against Narja should be on the front lines. If there is even the slightest possibility, it is time to implement it immediately. Tutanka immediately shouted to Ronen.

“Winning experience is important on the battlefield. Send him to the front lines immediately to defend the country!”

“But Your Majesty, aside from Erhin’s abilities, the lords of the frontier are tasked with protecting the……borders.”

“If the capital is in danger, who cares about the border? That’s an order!”

Tutanka raised his voice. As a vassal, Ronen could only shake his head and nod. If you disobey an order, it is treason.

“In that case, keep the soldiers at the border and bring only the lord here.”

“Yes, that’s right. Leave the border to the soldiers and let the lord prove his abilities on the front lines!”

Tutanka stood up and left the main hall.

* * *

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