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I was sold at the lowest price C176

I was sold at the lowest price C176: Lucifer


Alana seemed to be impressed by the twins’ amazing fight.

“You’re not just a big man, are you?”

“It’s not a big deal, not as big as sister or Yuta, who can control magicrafts and fight at will.”

From what I’ve heard, the twins’ Ludia value is not high at 800, and because of that, they were not treated well wherever they went despite their powerful bodies. Even when they defeated enemies, they were praised only by riders with high Rudia values, and for a time, they hated both magicrafts and riders.

However, the curiosity that arose from their dislike gradually led them to become interested in magicrafts, and eventually they came to love them incredibly much. So they wanted to become riders, but there was no such thing as a magicraft that could be ridden with a Ludia value of 800, so they had to give up. Even if they couldn’t become riders, they wanted to be mechanics, so they applied for a job with the Iron Knights.

“We’ve grown to love the Knights, and we’re very grateful for accepting us as mechanics.”

They both said happily. I’m really glad that they are so happy now.

After defeating the small guardian and moving on, we arrived at a room that was about the size of a conference room. There was some sort of capsule in the center of the room, but it was opened and there was nothing inside.

“It looks like the seal has been broken, after all……”

Rafishal said as he stared at the empty capsule, his expression was tense

“But there are still two seals, right? We should be able to stop whoever it is that’s unsealing them, right?”

“Indeed, yes, we must at least stop the return of the giant beasts…….”

“What’s more terrifying than the giant beasts?”

When Alana asked, Rafishal began to speak softly.

“My real name is Metis, one of the three disciples of the Great Sage Rafishal.”

“What, you’re not Rafishal?”

“The Great Sage Rafishal is a title, I officially inherited the name Rafishal from my master……but there were people who didn’t think well of it.”

“One of the other disciples?”

“Yes, my brothers and sisters envied me and almost killed me…….No, I think they think they killed me.”

“What, you talk as if your brother and sister are still alive, wasn’t it a long time ago?”

“……Yuta, do you know what a researcher wants the most?”

“Huh! Hmmm, money for research and…..”

“No, no, it’s time, infinite time to study, we all want it.”

“That’s for sure……”

“My master, the great sage Rafishal, told us three disciples to get eternal time. And we got eternal time in our own ways.”

“Interesting, you mean all three of you have different forms?”

Rafishal nodded in response to Alana’s question.

“Yes, as you can see from my appearance, I have acquired a body that does not age, and I have eternal time. One disciple data mined all of his ego-consciousness and abandoned his body…….And the other, the brother who tried to kill me, chose the reincarnation spell.”

“Reincarnation……What does that mean?”

“When you die, you take over all your consciousness and memories and are reborn as a new life.”

“Well, that would also mean an eternity.”

“But the reincarnation spell had a serious flaw that drove that brother insane…….”

“What happened to you when he went crazy?

“He wanted to die.”

“Did he kill himself?”

“Yeah, he killed himself, and then immediately reincarnated as a new life, with a crazed consciousness.”

“Wow, what a vicious cycle.”

“Yes, that’s why that brother tried to break the reincarnation spell, but he just couldn’t do it.”

“So what happened to your brother?”

“When you reincarnate with the reincarnation spell, you don’t create life out of nothing, you possess the new life, and that’s what my brother did.”

“What do you mean?”

“He figured if there was no life to be born, there would be no reincarnation.”

“Wait a minute, that’s……”

“The name of my brother is Lucifer, the man known as the Demon King who tried to destroy humanity only to lose his own vessel of rebirth, and now he’s back.”

When Rafishal said that, he had a very sad expression on his face…

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  1. laharl8080

    somehow i pity the Lucifer, he will never died no matter what he do..
    i do enjoy Eternal time but at least i prefer the one where I can choose when to die..

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