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I was sold at the lowest price C177

I was sold at the lowest price C177: White Guardian / Yuki


There were dozens of Guardians closing in on us, and we were struggling with one of them. This is me and Mary, and Enrique and the other riders are also going out.

“Enrique, I’m disappointed in you.”

“What’s the matter, Mary? You got a thing for me?”

“Don’t be ridiculous…….I’ll help you out with this one, and we’ll get it over with.”

We are willing to cooperate against the Guardians. If the ride carrier crashes, it will be difficult to return home, so we have no choice.

“Yuki, you take care of the group coming from the right. I’ll take care of the enemies in the center.”

“Copy that. Be careful, Mary.”

“You too.”

I don’t know what the Messiah clan and Rafishal are thinking. Mary is probably the only person I can say is completely on my side right now. I really wanted her to be careful.

I followed Mary’s instructions and intercepted the group approaching from the right. There were about ten of them, smaller than the Guardians I had fought a while ago, and their color had changed from brown to a darker shade.

When I pierced and killed the third Guardian with my rapier, I felt a sudden change. The Guardians became more active, and their movements changed systematically – I felt something sharp looking at me, and I saw two eyes glowing in the darkness behind the ruins.


Slowly emerging from the darkness was a white Guardian with a distinctly different vibe from the other Guardians. The white Guardian accelerated and in an instant, it was in my face. I quickly thrust out my rapier to attack, but he avoided it easily.

“Damn it! That was fast!”

The white guardian feinted by stepping left and right several times, and then tried to bite me in the throat at once. I twisted my neck and narrowly avoided the attack. However, even though I thought I had completely avoided it, the parts of Elvira’s neck popped off. If I had been even a little bit late in avoiding it, Elvira’s head would probably have been sliced off.

Furthermore, as the white Guardian attacked, the surrounding normal Guardians also joined in the attack. The wave of attacks came from all directions in a coordination that was unimaginable from the monotonous attacks of earlier.

Even against the onslaught, I desperately continued to avoid the Guardian’s attacks. Then, aiming for the slightest gap, I pierce them one by one with my rapier. I manage to hit the normal guardians with my rapier, but I can’t even scratch the White Guardian.

What should I do?……This white one is too strong……

When I think of a strong white enemy, I think of the white magicraft of the Iron Knights. It was the gold magicraft that directly killed Emina, but the white magicraft left a stronger impression on me.

Imagining the battle with the Iron Knight Warriors, I remember the moment when Emina’s Shuriapur was pierced by a sword, and my emotions rise – my anger eventually evokes violent feelings. I swing my rapier in anger at the guardians. I poke and prod, piercing and destroying the attacking guardians…

However, even with furious attacks, I could not deliver even a single blow to the White Guardian. It seemed that we would be killed if we continued like this.

In order to defeat the White Guardian, I looked around for a way to do it – I found a part of the ruins that was about to collapse. I thought about collapsing that place and trapping the White Guardian underneath the rubble and put it into action.

The speed at which I was running didn’t seem to be enough to outrun the White Guardian, so I lured him slowly underneath the collapsing ruins with my rapier in tow. He didn’t seem to have read my thoughts, and responded to my invitation unhesitatingly.

When he came under the ruins, I threw the bronze chain, a sub-weapon of Elvira’s, which I kept in my left arm, at the cracked pillar of the ruins. As planned, the pillars crumbled, the ruins collapsed, and a lot of debris fell, but the collapse was more severe than expected, and the debris cascaded down to the floor below where I was.


Together with the rubble of the ruins, we fell headlong into the underground space…

I must have fallen from a great height, and the impact when I landed was quite severe. Rubbing my aching body, I got up and looked around.

“Ugh ……where’s the white one!”

The underground space seemed to be breeding countless amounts of glowing moss, and it was bright enough to see what was going on around me. However, there was no white Guardian in sight.

Could it have taken off at the time of the collapse and not fallen, or was it knocked down under the rubble? I thought about that, but the answer was neither of those. The rubble of the ruins in front of me was rising and white Guardian appeared.

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