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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C20

I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C20: Talents Only I Can Recognize. Hidden gems (3)


After disbanding the centurions, I took a look around the unit. No matter how good a person is, I can’t just tell them to follow me, can I?

The troops were working according to the predetermined supply plan. Although the supply base is located on top of a fortress, the soldiers live in the barracks so that they can withdraw at any time. The largest of these barracks was indeed the commander’s barracks.

First of all, I went to the commander’s barracks to read the various documents and confirm matters concerning the supply base. Let’s call it learning about the supply base.

After spending half a day familiarizing myself with the current status of the supply base, I set out to scout the terrain. Whether it’s a surprise attack or a retreat, I need to know the terrain in order to be prepared for what’s going to happen.

If a commander doesn’t know the terrain he will be ridiculed. That’s why I can’t just look at a map; I have to see it with my own eyes.

I chose Yusen to show me the terrain; it was an opportunity to get to know him better. Two birds with one stone, right?

“From here to Bern and Ganen Castle. How many ways do we have to get to these two fronts?”

“There are three paths: one that bypasses Linon Castle, one that goes through Linon Castle, and one that goes over the mountain you see to the east of the unit. However, climbing the mountain would still be difficult for the soldiers, so the only ways to practically move around would be through Linon Castle and the detour.”

There was nothing unusual about the surrounding terrain. It was just a plain land that stretched as far as the eye could see. Scouts were located on a hilltop with a clear enough view that the alert soldiers could immediately notice the enemy attack.

“Okay. Let’s take a look at that detour.”

“This way Commander!”

We rode for about 30 minutes, looking at the terrain without any conversation, and I could see a fairly wide river ahead of us. We had come a long way. I didn’t want to get too far away from my unit.

This is about the extent of my objective. I changed directions to go back. Of course, this reconnaissance also has other purposes.

“What’s your name?”

“My name is Yusen.”

“Have you been in the military a long time?”

“I joined when I was a kid, so it’s been more than 20 years now, I guess.”

It’s not that he was drafted, but he volunteered to become a professional soldier.

“Commander, there!”

At that very moment, Yusen, who was scratching his head in embarrassment, pointed toward the north.

“There are enemies coming around.”

“Enemies? If they’re on the detour, it’s the opposite of the direction I’m going. Surprised, I looked back and saw that there was indeed dust in the air. As it got closer and closer, I even began to hear the sound of horses’ hooves.”

“Those are scouts!”

I immediately identified the enemy forces in the system. The number of soldiers was ten. It was a scouting party made up of ordinary soldiers, as Yusen said.

“About 10 people…..Yusen, can you go?”

“Of course!”

Yusen’s martial force was a whopping 82. The martial force of the soldier at the head of the reconnaissance team was 30. That means there is no problem. The proof of this is that when Yusen rushed out towards the enemy soldier, he quickly cut them down.

And two…three…four…In the blink of an eye, Yusen had cleared eight enemy soldiers.

“Take at least one of them alive! I have to get information.”

An enemy soldier captured alive is a source of information. A scouting party rode in a single line, only two of them were left.

“Surrender! Surrender and I’ll spare your life!”

Yusen shouted loud enough for even the most backward running enemy soldiers to hear. But the ninth soldier would not listen to him. Without slowing down, he lifted his sword with one hand.

Instead, it was the soldier at the back who responded to Yusen’s voice.

When he stopped his horse at the words to surrender, the soldier fell to the ground because the horse raised its front legs high while whining. He was in too bad a position when he fell, at least a broken bone.


The ninth soldier’s sword collided with Yusen’s sword. The sound of iron and steel colliding, I knew Yusen would win.

The swords only collided with each other once, but the enemy’s soldier flipped his sword, and Yusen fell to the ground. Surprised, I immediately rushed to Yusen’s side.

“Do you want to use the perk?”

Impossible. Yusen, with 82 martial force, fell from his horse from the blow of a common soldier? It was not something that could happen by chance.


[Age: 21 years]

[Martial force: 93]

[Intelligence: 41]

[Command: 52]

I was surprised again to see the enemy’s ability value. He was on a different level from the other scouting soldiers. No, his martial force exceeded my imagination.

Moreover, he was 21 years old. He is at an age with excellent growth potential. In terms of military rank, he was a mere soldier, even though his martial force could be considered on par with the ten Warlords of Narja.

Is he an ordinary soldier who was drafted from farming to join the army? Then it’s possible that he won’t even notice his tremendous martial force. Because there’s no one else who can see their abilities as a number like I can!

The enemy soldier moved to kill Yusen, who had fallen off his horse. If I don’t interfere, Yusen will die. With a martial force of 93, he’s stronger than me when using the perks.


I activated [Crush] without hesitation. Daitouren Weapon Skill [Crush]! An absolute skill that allows me to kill or stun anyone with up to 5 more martial force than me.

I chose to stun him because I couldn’t just kill this intriguing person. With a flash of light, Daitouren flew out and reached Zint in an instant.

Zint tried to block Daitouren with his sword, but numerically it was impossible to do so. The system is absolute. No, it must be absolute! I watched the results with firm conviction.

The moment the swords intersected with each other, a dazzling white light covered the surroundings. When the light disappeared, what was left there was a fearsome enemy soldier passed out. I ran up and confirmed that he was unconscious.

The problem would be the duration of the stun effect. Stunting is one of the functions of [Crush]. If the enemy wakes up right away, it’s useless. Guessing that there would be some time, I first rushed to Yusen.

“Yusen, are you okay?”

“Commander…….Thank you for helping such a useless person!”

I rushed over to give him a hand, but Yusen knelt down.

“Of course, Ihave to save my men. The way I see it, you’re strong enough. The problem is the enemy soldier, he was unusually strong.”

“It is indeed an embarrassment…….My body was flung to the ground in one strike.”

Yusen looks frustrated, biting his lips while acknowledging the strength of the enemy soldier.

“I’m glad I’m not dead. How do you feel, can you walk?”

“Yes. Somehow.”

Yusen replied while walking lightly. I’m sure he’ll be fine.

“Try riding a horse. You have to use every muscle in your body to ride a horse. If there’s a problem somewhere in your body, you’ll know right away.”

Hearing my words, Yusen got on his horse.

“No problem!”

“That’s good to hear, now do me a favor. I’m going to take them both alive. I want you to go back to your unit and get the chains, handcuffs and bring a cart along with some soldiers as well.”

“Do you want to wait here alone, commander? Don’t do it. Come back with me. I’ll come back here to capture them with the soldiers! ”

“No. I don’t want him to wake up and run away. I’d better keep an eye on him. Come on, go.”

“That’s right…….Then I’ll be back as soon as possible!”

As I waited, I checked my level, but there was no change. After all, the level in the game did not always increase with combat. The criterion for experience is the death of the enemy.

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