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I was sold at the lowest price C179

I was sold at the lowest price C179: Another Seal


There were two seals left, and when I returned to the ride carrier, I told everyone about Rafishal’s story I had heard in the ruins.

“That’s tricky, that Lucifer guy…….”

Jean said suspiciously. I’m sure Jean is smart enough to understand the danger of Lucifer right away.

“He’s a nuisance, but we’ve got to stop the behemoths from coming back.”

“Of course, I get goosebumps just imagining a world where monsters like that are sprouting out of thin air.”

“Rafishal! How close are the rest of the seals to here?”

“They’re both about three hours away by ride-carrier, and it’s been that long since the first seal was broken, so Lucifer may have already broken another one.”

“Okay, we’ll split up into two groups. Yuta, Alana, and Nanami, the three of you will head for one of the seals.”

“Hey, Jean! If you are going to separate, it’s fine for me and Yuta to go together!”

“Idiot, if I pair you with Yuta, it will upset the balance of power.”

“With Alana and Nanami here, common enemies won’t be a problem!”

“It’d be bad if it wasn’t a common enemy! Forget it, Linnecarlo, this is our group, bear with it!”

Linnecarlo was sulking when Jean told her that. It seems that she is always eager to team up with me.

I understand that we will be in trouble if the rest of the seals are broken so I immediately took Alana and Nanami and headed there.

“I heard the general location earlier, but I think I’m going to get lost…”

When I voiced my concerns, Rafishal came on the line and said.

“If you get lost, Feri knows where it is.”

“Oh, I see. That’s a relief. Thanks, Feri.”

“Yes, I’ll take care of it.”

You really know your stuff, don’t you, Feri? You know where all these ruins are…

Me, Alana and Nanami were traveling with our magicrafts and our speed was similar to the ride carrier.

“Yuta, speaking of which, have you been in touch with Nagisa?”

Nanami asked suddenly.

“Yeah, we talk everyday, I guess she’s bored.”

“Hmm, I see.”

“I know Nagisa is bored, but I often receive communications from Ranelle, who is supposed to be busy, so maybe the head of state is also bored.”

“Do you really think so, Yuta?

“What, you don’t?

“You’re a legendarily dull guy, that’s a good thing, too.”

“What do you mean, Alana, tell me.”

“Yuta, even Nanami understands how busy a head of state can be.”

“I see, Ranelle doesn’t have any free time, but she’s forcing herself to communicate with me even though she’s busy. She’s a very disciplined person, she doesn’t need to be so careful with a mercenary who has a defense contract.”

When I said that, for some reason both Alana and Nanami were dumbfounded and didn’t say anything.

Feri informs me while we are chatting.

“Master, we’re almost at the ruins.”

“Thank you, Feri, and what do you know about the ruins? Anything out of the ordinary?”

“Hold on a second, I’ll scan the area around the ruins.”

Then Feri began to make some kind of beeping sound.

“I have detected multiple objects moving in the vicinity of the ruins, as well as a large ship.”

“Looks like we got enemies. Alana, Nanami, we’re going into battle.”

“Copy that. We need to get rid of this crazy person who’s trying to resurrect the behemoths.”

“Nanami’s too scared of the giant beasts, she’ll never let them come back!”

Alana and Nanami both showed hostility towards the seal breakers. I don’t know what the giant beasts are like, but I’m determined to do everything in my power to stop them from appearing again.

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