I was sold at the lowest price C180

I was sold at the lowest price C180

I was sold at the lowest price C180: Two Disappear


I saw a ride carrier about the same size as Fugaku anchored near the sealed ruins. Perhaps the ride carrier had noticed our approach, but a dozen or so magicrafts that had been deployed around it began to move in a flurry.

“Yuta, that ride carrier looks like it belongs to the Elysian Empire.”

Alana looked at some kind of symbol and told me so.

“Elysia is Emina’s country… Oh man, I wonder if we should keep fighting.”

“Even though it’s Emina’s home country, we can’t just let them break the seal of the giant beasts, we must stop them even if we have to defeat them.”

“You’re right, and I’m sure Emina will understand that.”

We had some hesitation, but we decided to take on the enemy in front of us, giving priority to preventing the giant beast from being unsealed.

The enemy riders, who seemed to be very confident in their own power, came charging at me. The first enemy machine that comes in front of me attacked me with its sword, I mercilessly pierce it down with my Estoc. The enemy machine that was pierced in the head and chest collapsed on the spot.

The enemy magicraft, approaching from the right, fell prey to Alana’s twin swords. His neck and right arm were cut off at the same time, and he collapsed helplessly like a puppet with broken strings.

Nanami held her shield to stop the rush of two more enemy magicrafts that were approaching. Alana and I pushed them down from the side at the same time.

Suddenly, four of them were defeated, and the overconfident enemy’s movements changed. They didn’t approach us anymore, but kept their distance to see how we were going to do.

“Who are you people? Do you know that we are a survey team from the Elysian Empire?”

The other party alerts us with the external output sound. How can you say that? You’re the one who attacked us, aren’t you? Well, it’s true that there was hostility on our side.

“Elysian Empire or not, those who are trying to unseal the giant beasts will be eliminated.”

Alana replied to the other party with displeasure on her face.

“Huh, I’m sorry……that you know about the giant beast seal, it looks like you’ll have to die.”

“I don’t think you can do it if you’re as good as these guys lying here.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll do my best from here!”

Apparently, they hadn’t been at their best earlier. From the group of enemy planes, two magicrafts of the same type are slowly coming forward. Their atmosphere was very different from the other machines.

The two magicrafts close the gap between us. The other machines began to move around the three of us as well.

One of the two magicrafts, an enemy with a three-pronged spear, makes a sharp thrust at Alana’s Bercya. Alana bounces off the spear as if to thrust it up. She then attacks with another of her twin swords, cleaving sideways. The swords graze the enemy magicraft chest and scrape off part of the body.

At the same time, an enemy machine with a two-handed sword swung its sword up and slashed at me. I caught it with Maingauche in my left hand. As it was, I attacked the enemy machine with my Estoc, aiming for a fatal wound in the abdomen, but it avoided me just in time, and the Estoc pierced the enemy machine’s shoulder.

The enemy magicrafts that surrounded us were restrained by Nanami. Using her sword and shield, she was able to toss around multiple enemies. The enemy may not be weak, but they didn’t seem to be struggling.

“Who are you guys really? You’re more than just a Highlander…….”

“Enrique! I’m sorry, but the enemy is strong! If we don’t retreat, we’ll be annihilated!”

“Damn it……but the seal should be broken soon, we just have to hold out until then!”

The enemy continued their conversation with external output sound, perhaps due to momentum. It turns out that they are in the process of unsealing.

“Alana, this is bad, it looks like they’re already breaking the seal.”

“Looks like we’re going to have to clean this place up quickly.”

As Alana said, we need to defeat them quickly and stop the others from unsealing the giant beasts.

Nanami destroys one of the enemies, and Alana cuts down two of them. Then I took down one of them, and cut off the arm of the magicraft with the three-pronged spear.

I closed in to take out the remaining enemy magicrafts as well, but the man who was the leader of the enemy shouted out in joy.

“Hahahahahaha! It looks like the seal on this place has been lifted! There’s no need for us to deal with you anymore! We’re retreating!”

As if to prove the man’s words, I felt the atmosphere of the ruins change all at once. Now there was only one seal left……

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