I was sold at the lowest price C181

I was sold at the lowest price C181

I was sold at the lowest price C181: Unsealing / Mary


We managed to eradicate the Guardians that attacked us. However, there was no sign of Yuki. I became worried and called out to her with my spirit box.

“Yuki, where are you? Come in!”

However, there was no reply from her. In contrast to my impatience, the others were nonchalantly moving on to the next step.

“Master Rafishal is on his way to lift the seal, the riders should work to ensure further safety.”

“Dr. Brule, wait a minute! Yuki’s gone, we have to find her!”

“Lifting the seal is our first priority. We can search for her afterwards.”

“Oh, no…….”

No one seemed to be worried about Yuki. For the Messiah clan, all problems other than Rafishal were probably insignificant.

“I’m sorry, but I’m going to search for Yuki on my own.”

“Suit yourself.”

I looked around for Yuki. However, this was an underground world, and although I could see the light moss growing around me, it was not as bright as above ground in the daytime, making it difficult to search. Moreover, some kind of ore was reacting strongly here, and the beacon crystal was useless.

I searched for her while calling out with the spirit box, but I couldn’t find Yuki anywhere.

“Where the hell is that girl?”

A short time later, I received a warning signal from the ride carrier that enemy magicrafts were approaching. I couldn’t imagine enemy in a magicrafts place like this, so I assumed that the Guardians were approaching again, but…

“Mary, there are unidentified magicrafts approaching, head to intercept.”

“Unidentified magicrafts? How could they be here?”

“I don’t know about that, but whatever the reason for their appearance, we need to get rid of anyone who gets in the way of breaking the seals.”

I don’t think it’s that important to unseal the giant beasts, but it’s definitely one of my duties to protect the investigation team. No matter how fishy the existence of the Messiah family was, I had no choice but to fulfill my duties for now.

When I rushed over, the battle had already begun. There were three enemies, and several of the skilled Highlanders had been easily defeated. It was obvious that we were no match for them.

“Who are you people? Do you know that we are a survey team from the Elysian Empire?”

Enrique warned his opponent with the external output sound. The mention of Elysia’s name would have frightened most of the forces, but not this opponent.

“Elysian Empire or not, the people who are unsealing the giant beasts will be eliminated.”

It seems that they have realized that the giant beasts are about to be unsealed and have come to stop it. Personally, I’d rather support the other side.

“Huh, I’m sorry to……learn that you know about the giant beast seal, it looks like you’ll have to die.”

“I don’t think you can do it if you’re as good as these guys lying here.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll do my best from here!”

Enrique said something brave, but the plan was simple: Enrique and I would hold off the enemy while the other magicrafts surrounded and defeated them. I wasn’t too keen on the idea, but I couldn’t refuse to cooperate, so I approached the enemies with Enrique.

I attacked the enemy magicraft with my trident. However, the attack was slightly repelled. The enemy’s counterattack was swift and sharp, and I quickly pulled my body back to avoid the enemy’s counterattack, but the enemy’s sword snatched and gouged out the chest Valiant. It was bad. If I had avoided it a little later, it might have been a fatal wound.

Enrique was also at the mercy of the enemy’s white magicraft, and the machines that were trying to surround them were completely suppressed by the golden magicraft. I really don’t know who he is. If he’s this good, I would think he’s a very famous rider, but from the features of his magicraft, I can’t think of anyone.

“Gosh, who are you guys really? You’re more than just Highlanders…….”

“Enrique! I’m sorry, but this enemy is strong! If we don’t retreat, we’ll be annihilated!”

“Damn it……but the seal should be broken soon, we just have to hold out until then!”

I said this over the external output, daring to give my opponent the option of avoiding a futile battle by suggesting a retreat, but I didn’t think Enrique would tell them the status of the unsealing.

As expected, the enemy, whose goal was to prevent the release of the seal, intensified their attacks. One by one, one by one, they were defeated, and then the white magicraft was rapidly approaching me as well. I immediately tried to prepare my trident, but it was too late. The white machine’s slender sword was raised at an incredible speed, and the arm holding the trident was slashed away.

Just when we thought we couldn’t win against this white magicraft, we received word from the ride carrier that the seal had been lifted. Hearing this, Enrique shouted with joy.

“Hahahahahaha! It looks like the seal on this place has been lifted! We don’t have to deal with you anymore! We’re retreating!”

Enrique, who now had a reason to retreat, said and retreated at once. The other machines also returned to the ride carrier to escape.

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