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I was sold at the lowest price C183

I was sold at the lowest price C183: The Voice of the Giant Beast


One of the seals on the giant beasts has been broken. The enemy had achieved its goal and fled, avoiding a pointless battle. I immediately tried to pursue them, but was stranded by countless exploding arrows from the enemy’s ride carrier.

“I’m coming after you!

Alana said as the attack from the ride carrier stopped. She immediately started to run after the enemy ride carrier, but was stopped in her tracks by what sounded like an eerie roar in the vicinity.

“What the hell was that?”

“Nanami, this is disgusting.”

“Sounds disgusting…….It’s like the breath of the devil…….”

“It seems to be the roar of a giant beast. Part of the seal has been broken and the sleeping giant beasts awakened.”

“What, is that the voice of a giant beast, Feri?”

“Yes, there seems to be more than one, and powerful beasts such as S-level individuals can be dangerous, so please be careful.”

“Alana, Nanami, it looks like there are some giant beasts nearby, so you’d better be careful.”

I pass on Feri’s advice to the two of them.

“There’s a giant beast nearby. That’s nasty.”

“Nanami, would you like to take a look at……?”

Neither of them seemed to be that scared. They even appeared to be a bit relieved.

We were distracted by the presence of the giant beast and lost sight of the enemy’s ride carrier due to the fact that it was a dimly lit underground space.

“I don’t know what to do, I think we lost them.”

“There’s nothing we can do about it. We have to go after them.”

“But I don’t know which way he went.”

“What are you talking about, Yuta, since the opponent’s objective is to unseal the giant beasts, their next destination is already decided.”

“Oh, right, they’re headed to the last of the giant beasts seals.”

“Jean and the others are over there, they won’t be able to get things done so easily, let’s go after them and stop them from breaking the seal.”

“Feri, do you know the location of the last of the giant beasts seals?”

“Yes, Master, I can show you.”

“All right, then, take me there by the shortest route.”

“Yes, sir.”

However, perhaps it was a bad idea to say the shortest route, because Feri led us on a route through steep caves – over underground waterfalls and channels.

The terrain was difficult to navigate, and the obstacles were more troublesome.

“Master, there is a dangerous reaction. A powerful behemoth is approaching.”

“No way…….Which way is it coming from?”

“It’s 500 meters ahead of us. We can almost see it.”

I could see something approaching, it’s about ten times the size of a magicraft, and it was closing in on us

“Oh, my God, it’s huge!”

“Damn, I don’t think we can outrun it. We’ll have to fight.”

“It’s so big…….I wonder if I can beat it.”

“I’ll stop him, you two attack.”

“Copy that.”

The giant beast that was rushing at us was as stout as an elephant, and it’s heavy-looking body was supported by six large legs. Its head looked strangely like a dinosaur or an insect, and it was absurdly scary.

While looking away from the scary face, I caught the giant beast’s rush with my Arleo. The body creaked and squeaked, but I managed to stop the giant beast’s movement.

While I’m stopping the giant beast, Alana and Nanami attack it. They are too small to inflict fatal wounds with a single blow, but they slash at its legs and body to inflict damage.

The giant beast roars, probably in pain from their attacks. The roar of the giant beast at close range is quite harsh, and I cover my ears from the explosive sound that seems to tear my eardrums.

The giant beast was coming at Arleo with even more force, trying to crush him. The entire fuselage of Arleo made a creaking sound as it withstood the pressure.

“What power…….”

I was a little nervous about the power I had never felt before. Deciding that I couldn’t hold on much longer at this rate, I decided to change my tactics. I loosen the power that was stopping the giant beast and leap backwards. I quickly readied Maingauche and activated flash mode.

An intense light pierced the giant beast’s eyes. It was the first time it had ever been hit by this kind of light, and the behemoth wailed in pain. I then shifted into Musou mode and gathered strength in my hands.

“Alana, Nanami, let’s take him down together!”

While the giant beast was blinded, the three of us launched a simultaneous attack.

Nanami’s sword ripped through the belly of the giant beast, and Alana’s twin swords sliced through its neck. The final blow was Arleo’s rush attack, I slammed both of his shining fists into the giant beast over and over again. Each time my fists hit, the giant beast’s body swelled up and fell backward from the impact. With my last blow, I struck the giant beast in the head with all my strength, and the giant body collapsed helplessly on the spot.

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