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I was sold at the lowest price C185

I was sold at the lowest price C185: The Agony of Emina / Emina


We were waiting at the circular dome-shaped ruins of the last giant beasts seal. Fortunately, the seal hadn’t been broken yet, and were waiting here in case the forces that were breaking the seal of the giant beasts would appear.

“It appears that the people who are breaking the seal have shown up.”

Jean told everyone as he looked outside. I was curious to see what kind of people they were, so I looked outside too. When I saw them, I was amazed. The symbol on the ride carrier was that of the Elysian Empire, my home country.

“No way…….That’s an Elysian ride carrier……”

“I’m sure that the mark of the dragon with the figure eight was from Elysia. It seems that the Elysian Empire unsealed the giant beasts, Emina, you may have your own thoughts, but we will not back down.”

“I know. I also understand the reason. Even if the opponent is in my home country, we should prevent them from unsealing the giant beasts.”

“If fighting the Elysian Empire is too much for you, you don’t have to go.”

“No, I thought I should be the one to stop it.”

“Well……don’t overdo it.”

Jean seems to understand my complicated feelings. Even though it’s my motherland, it’s not a country I have much affection for, but I still feel uncomfortable when it comes to fighting. However, no matter how you look at it, the Elysian Empire’s actions are wrong this time, and no matter what the reason is, we must not let the giant beasts come back.

“All right, everybody get ready for battle! The ride carrier on the other side is also a battleship type battle ship, it might be a fierce firefight, so get ready!”

At Jean’s order, the ship began to hurriedly prepare for battle. Most of the crew hurried to prepare the ride carrier weapons.

“Linnecarlo, Farma, Lorgo, Arthur, we are going out too!”

“You are very enthusiastic, Emina, I know that you are dealing with your home country but I hope you won’t betray me in the middle of battle.”

“I’m not going to let them unseal the giant beasts, no matter who they are, so don’t worry about it. Be careful the opponent is the Elysian Empire, the strongest in the continent.”

“I’m the Lightning Emperor Linnecarlo, one of the Twelve Heavenly Masters. Even if my opponent is the Elysian Empire, I have no intention of falling behind.”

“Don’t forget that Elysia also has three of the Twelve Heavenly Masters.”

“Of course I haven’t forgotten, if we have to fight the Wind God Yuto, the Flame Emperor Rosetta, and the Earth King Emesis……I’ll just remind them which of the twelve is superior.”

“That’s encouraging.”

“Hmm, I’m heading for the hangar now.”

It was unlikely that those three would be sent to a place like this. So it’s hard to imagine that there’s anyone on that ride carrier who can actually compete with Linnecarlo. In terms of strength, it looks like they won’t lose, but…

As we launched our sortie, the enemy’s ride carrier also launched their magicrafts. The enemy had eight planes, and we had fewer, but Linnecarlo would cover our numerical disadvantage.

The enemy was coming straight at us. All of them seem to be more powerful than regular Highlanders. I can imagine a fierce battle, but I can’t see Yuto-san’s or Rosetta’s aircraft, so I guess we have the advantage with Linnecarlo.

However, the moment I saw the magicraft approaching late from behind, my heart instantly tensed as if it was being squeezed. It was one of the worst scenarios I had expected…….The jet-black aircraft, the favorite of someone I knew well, was called Elvira. There was only one person who would ride that……

“No way, Yuki……”

I was ready to fight the Elysian Empire. I was willing to betray my home country in order to protect the seal of the giant beasts. However, I was not yet ready to cross swords with my best friend.

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