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I was sold at the lowest price C186

I was sold at the lowest price C186: Silent War / Emina

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“I’m going to fire ballistas into the enemy’s rear, so watch out for the magicraft squad.”

After Jean’s warning, a barrage of ballista fire from the Fugaku behind the enemy. It landed in the vicinity of Yuki’s Elvira, causing a large explosion. My heart squeaked and contracted, and my chest began to ache.

I feel a little relieved when Elvira pops out of the blast but I wonder if I can really fight Yuki in this state……

Lorgo’s Ganesha suppresses the spearhead of the assaulting enemy. Farma, who was already standing by in the air, readying her arrows, fired a Cyclone Arrow at the enemy that Lorgo was holding back. The arrows, strengthened by the magic of the wind, shattered the targeted enemy magicraft into pieces like a house caught in a tornado and tore it apart.

Arthur unleashes his signature ramming attack on one of the enemy machines that was approaching. He moves in close at an incredible speed for a Highlander, and launches a highly destructive drill lance. The enemy machine hit by the drill lance is destroyed in an instant.

The enemy machine that came around from the right fell prey to a ruthless lightning strike from Linnecarlo’s Odin. The rider of the magicraft that was struck by the lightning was killed before he even knew what happened.

There was another enemy magicraft approaching me. It was a familiar Highlander aircraft from my home country, the Bilandi, an excellent machine that is the favorite of many Highlanders of the Elysian Empire, but it was no match for Artemis. Furthermore, Artemis is equipped with an icicle bow gun that has been reinforced by Rafishal. I fired a freeze shot at the approaching Bilandi, freezing him in place and I finished it off with a merciless flash of my dagger.

The Iron Knights are dominating the fight but the Elysian Empire still has Yuki, the two double Highlanders’ special magicrafts, and a white, Guardian-like magicraft.

I didn’t want to fight only with Yuki, I thought, but her Elvira came at my Artemis. Elvira delivered a sharp rapier blow. It was different from the one I had seen in the mock battle. The power and speed of Yuki’s blow in a real battle was different, I barely avoided the attack.

I’m not going to fight with Yuki – if I identify myself as me on the external output sound here, the fight will be avoided, but that will not solve the problem, because the position of the one who unseals the giant beast and the one who stops it remains the same…

After all, it might be better for both of us if we fought like this, for Yuki to not know that I’m riding Artemis…….I pointed my icicle bow gun at Yuki’s Elvira.

Take them down without killing them. It was the only way, I thought to myself.

Yuki is a triple Highlander, and I am a double Highlander, so if I think about it properly, I am not a match for her. In addition, I think it would be reckless to fight her so that she won’t die, but Artemis has this icicle bow gun, a weapon that boasts incredible performance, so I should be able to handle it.

I fired my bow gun at close range. However, Yuki dodged it with an inhuman reaction. After all, she was no ordinary opponent. Yuki dodged the freeze shot and immediately stepped in to close the distance between us. Then she unleashed a series of rapier attacks. It was impossible to avoid all of Yuki’s rapier thrusts, at which could be called godlike speed. I predicted the attack and leapt backwards, then I fired a second freeze shot in midair.

Reading Yuki’s actions, the attack seemed to outpace Yuki’s movements, and the freeze shot hit Elvira’s left shoulder. Elvira’s shoulder, which was hit, gradually froze.

Surprised by the freezing, Elvira’s movements stopped. I took the opportunity to move around behind her and change Artemis to stealth mode as I entered Yuki’s blind spot.

She lost sight of Artemis, and Elvira scurried around looking for me. In the meantime, I slowly walk around behind Elvira – one of the weak points of the magicraft, the main artery of the elemental line in the neck. If I cut it, I can disable Elvira without endangering Yuki…..I was sure of victory.

However, the next moment, Artemis flew through the air from a strong impact – after what felt like a long dwell time, I was slammed into the ground and received an even stronger impact. With a buzzing sound, the stealth mode was forcibly canceled.
Damn it……what the hell just happened!

When I looked, I saw the white guardian standing next to Yuki’s Elvira, glaring at me.

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