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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C24

I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C24: Talents Only I Can Recognize. Hidden gems (7)


“Hey, what are you doing? We need to get back to base now!”

Hadan gave direct order without even listening to my answer. The centurions and the soldiers who were working hard to carry out the mission all stopped and looked at me. This guy is completely fucked in the head, if you ignore the words chief of staff, that’s it.

If I think about the problems that are going to occur in Linon Castle, the chief of staff is just a loser.

If I’m going to follow the orders of the chief of staff and both of us will be losers, it is better to win the battle even if I’m guilty of disobeying orders.

It would be to my advantage to obtain a victory here. In preparation for a situation like this, I led only centurions who were dissatisfied with Hadan to carry out the operation.

He’s a baron and I’m an earl. I’m also the commander. Even though he brought up the chief of staff, I was the actual commander of the troops. If I do this the angry chief of staff will call me back to Linon Castle, the center of everything.

“……Oh, shut up.”

I’ve come to a conclusion, so I’m just going to act. Hadan martial force is only 50; I activated the [Attack] command with the back of my hand towards his neck. With a force difference of 10, it is possible to stun as many people as you want. Hadan fainted with a groan.

“I take full responsibility. Proceed with the operation immediately!”

“Are you sure about this?”

“This is the only efficient way to protect the supply base. Don’t worry, you won’t get involved. I take responsibility for my words!”

“Yes, sir!”

When I said this while pointing at Hadan, all the centurions who had been looking at him with a relieved look on their faces nodded in unison.

“Givens, put him in the corner over there.”

“Yes sir!”

Givens laughed as if it were a good thing and moved Hadan away.

Due to the nature of the supply unit, they had a large number of carts, which made this operation possible. It wasn’t just the carts; the fortress where the supply base was located has not been used until the war broke out.

Because of this, the walls of the fortress were crumbling all over the place and had been hastily repaired with sandbags and rocks. I would use them to build a dike.

Thanks to thousands of soldiers working on it the dike was steadily taking shape and water was stored. If we let a little more water accumulate and break the dike at once, the enemy soldiers crossing the river would fall into confusion, especially the cavalry.

The fear of death would drive the horses into a frenzy. I will take advantage of this opportunity and attack. In any case, it’s a surprise attack, so it’s impossible for them to come with a large army.

It was midnight when we finished our preparations. As usual, there was no enemy movement. We were worried that the enemy might appear before we set the trap, but instead, they never appeared after that.

Furthermore, water was overflowing from the top of the dike and flowing into the river. There was nothing we could do about this.

All we needed was for the enemy to show up before the dike broke. Water as high as the dike would be enough to throw the enemy into confusion! As we waited for the enemy to show up, night fell, and morning came.

Hadan woke up.

“Ugh……..What the hell is this, commander?”

“Shut the fuck up.”

Of course, I immediately stunned him again.

After all this time, using the [Attack] command became effortless. No matter what, without the system, it would be impossible for an ordinary guy like me to stun this strong man with just one fist.

As I did so, smoke rose in the distance. It was the signal I had been waiting for. It meant that they had really launched a surprise attack.

A surprise attack after giving the enemy advance notice and time to take countermeasures? I have my own ideas about that, however, the most important thing right now is victory. No matter what the enemy thinks, I have no intention of losing the war.

“On my mark! Givens takes Yusen’s troop and follows me. The rest of the troops are to hide in the plains behind the river as planned. When the dike breaks and the water hits the enemy soldiers, that’s when we attack.”

“Yes, commander!”

The dozing centurions and their soldiers jumped up and began to move. After urging them to march, I led Givens and Yusen troops on horseback north of the river.

As we crossed the river, where the water level had dropped significantly, I saw Jido retreating with 200 men. When Jido noticed me, he stopped his horse and shouted with a panicked look on his face.

“Sir, it’s the enemy! What should we do? What, what can we do?”

He seemed to be confused but I listened calmly.

“How many? Give me a full report.”

“The main force is cavalry. A soldier observing from a high place confirmed that there is also infantry in the rear.”

“I see.”

Cavalry is the obvious choice for a surprise attack.

“No enemies passing through, I trust? Have you done a thorough sweep?”

“Of course! We took every precaution in case there were scouts, but only beasts passed through.”

This operation would be over if we were noticed. That’s why I sent 200 men to scout the area and keep an eye on everything. Fortunately, there seemed to be no problem.

“Good. You’re to join the army waiting across the river and get the detailed plan there. I’ll get an idea of the size of the enemy and then we’ll move.”

“Yes, sir!”

After seeing Jido off, I quietly waited for the enemy forces. It was necessary to check their size. Knowing the number of the enemy, I could take more reliable countermeasures.

As I waited for a while, I could see the cavalry troops riding their horses in the dust, just as Jido had said. I activated the system to get the exact numbers of the enemy.

[Narja’s Royal Army: 5,320 men.]

[Training level: 80]

[Morale: 80]

A small troop of well-trained soldiers. The supply unit soldiers whose training level was only 40 could not compete with them. However, their numbers were large enough for my strategy to work.

That was roughly the scale of the surprise attacks in the game. Since I had already experienced it, I knew this world very well. I don’t know the exact situation, but I’ve realized that the troops are the same as in the game.

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