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I was sold at the lowest price C187

I was sold at the lowest price C187 – Death / Emina


Damn……that blow just now broke my icicle bow gun. At this rate…..

Losing the only weapon that could give me an advantage over the triple Highlander, Yuki; I was filled with impatience and anxiety. In addition, the unidentifiable beast-like magicraft, judging from its current attack, is definitely a very strong opponent.

“Emina, that’s the leader guardian, he’s a pretty strong opponent, let Linnecarlo handle him.”

Rafishal, who was watching the battle, tells me. This is a monster with a Ludia value of 100,000……

The leader guardian accelerated and closed in on me. My bow gun was broken, so I readied my dagger but this normal dagger was too weak against him. The moment I thought that I was going to be attacked, a thunderbolt fell between me and the leader guardian. And then I heard Linnecarlo’s usual high-pitched voice.

“It’s not like you, Emina, to fall behind a beast like that.”

Rafishal warned Linnecarlo to be careful.

“Linnecarlo, you’re dealing with an artificial Exlander with a Ludia value of 100,000, no matter how strong you are, you can never be too careful.”

“Hmm, I know, I’ll be careful, and I’ll make sure I get him.”

Even though she is not careless, Linnecarlo’s tone is still full of confidence, her spirit that does not waver even when witnessing the enemy’s Ludia value and its strength is worthy of respect.


Linnecarlo immediately unleashed a wide range of lightning attacks. It was an indiscriminate attack that included not only the leader guardian, but also Yuki within its range. I felt a pain in my chest as I imagined Odin’s powerful thunderbolt hitting Yuki’s Elvira. However, Linnecarlo’s lightning strike was all absorbed by the transparent shield that appeared above the enemy.

“What the hell is that?”

“The Leader Guardian can deploy a defensive shield. Weak magic attacks won’t work on them.”

“Well, then……Triple Lightning!”

Three lightning balls close in on the Leader Guardian. He deployed his defensive shield once more. The transparent shield and the lightning balls collide violently. Two of the lightning balls fly apart and scatter. However, one of the lightning balls broke through the shield and hit the Leader Guardian.

But then again, an Exlander with a Ludia value of 100,000 doesn’t seem to take much damage, even from Linnecarlo’s lightning ball.

While the Leader Guardian and Linnecarlo were engaged in such a battle, Yuki made her move. She approached me in an attempt to defeat me. With my icicle bow gun broken, I have no confidence in my ability to beat the higher-ranked Yuki.

Linnecarlo has her hands full with the Leader Guardian, so she won’t have time to help me. I looked at the rest of the team and saw that Lorgo, Arthur, and Farma were engaged in a fierce battle against two double Highlanders. It looks like they can’t help me at all.

The initial speed of Yuki’s rapier was phenomenal. I managed to avoid it because I had predicted it. The second blow is repelled by my dagger. However, the third blow was delivered without a moment’s pause. I couldn’t avoid it, and it pierced my collarbone.

I kicked Elvira in the stomach and pulled out the rapier that was stuck in me. As I expected, Yuki is very good at dealing with weapons, but she is not very good at dealing with physical techniques, so a surprise kick seems to be effective.

The kick caused Yuki to step back a little, but she quickly regrouped and took a big step forward to get closer. There’s no way I can take the rapier’s continuous thrusts from a suitable distance.

The rapier stabbed into my shoulder, rendering it useless. I tried to thrust the dagger at Elvira’s neck. But it seems that my movements were read, and the dagger’s attack was caught by her left hand. Then Elvira, who is probably twice as strong as Artemis in terms of simple strength, pushed me back, making a creaking sound. In addition, Elvira threw Artemis away with all her strength.


I moaned involuntarily from the impact of being slammed into the ground.

As Artemis collapsed, Elvira attacked her with a series of rapier thrusts that showed no mercy.

The shoulder area is popped off, and the body is deformed into a wreck as the chest is poked repeatedly. She was also pierced through one of her eyes, causing the screen to malfunction. I tried to protect the cockpit with my hands, but the arms could not withstand the continuous thrusts and were destroyed.

Artemis was out of action. There’s nothing more I can do…….The disrupted screen shows Elvira poised wide to finish me off. The tip of the sword was aimed at the cockpit.

At the very least, I prayed in my heart for one last wish……that Yuki would never find out that she killed me.

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