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I was sold at the lowest price C190

I was sold at the lowest price C190: Resurrection of the Giant Beasts / Jean

Chapter 4/5 sponsored by Chunky, thank you for the support.

“I asked Rafishal about this strange situation.”

“There’s something strange going on out there…….Rafishal, do you know what’s happening?”

Rafishal stopped moving, looking at the scene outside. He must have realized something, because he said a shocking conclusion in a blank but tense tone.

“Unfortunately, it looks like the giant beasts have been unsealed…….”

“What? No way…….I thought you had to enter these ruins to lift the seal!”

“There is no doubt that you need to enter the ruins to break the……seal. Maybe Lucifer had prepared a hidden passageway for a situation like this before he was sealed off…….That cunning Lucifer could have done that. If only I had been a little more careful…….”

“Well, now that it’s broken, let’s move on to the next thing. Can’t we just re-seal them?”

“Ten thousand years ago, the sealing of the giant beasts was a huge project that required the entire continent to work together. We don’t have enough time, technology or people to do it now.”

“So what do we do?”

“I can’t make a seal that will last 10,000 years, but I can do a simple seal that will last a few years on my own. Now, I need a little time to think about what to do.”

“Okay, let’s go with that idea! What are we supposed to do?”

“First, let’s go to the Gate of the Otherworld, the point where the giant beasts come out. If we don’t get there quickly, the giant beasts will sprout up and we won’t even be able to get close to the gate, so let’s hurry!”

“All right, let’s get everyone into the ride carrier right away.”

It was obvious that the enemy’s goal was to break the seal on the giant beasts, and they retreated as they had confirmed that this had been accomplished. I told everyone to stop all fighting and return to the ride carrier.

“‘Emina’s Artemis is stuck and it’s going to be hard for Odin to carry her alone, someone should help.”

Linnecarlo reported as we all retreated.

“Artemis is down?”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

“No problem. Are you all right?”

“Yes, my fuselage is a wreck, but I’m fine.”

We have excellent mechanics that can repair the magicrafts, so there is no problem. But we have to be careful about human casualties, because they can’t be recovered.

I told this to Yuta, who was going his separate way.

“Yuta, I have some unfortunate news.”

“What’s wrong?”

“The giant beasts have been unsealed.”

“Hey! Wait a minute, that’s a big deal, isn’t it?”

“Yes, so we need to move on immediately. I’m sorry, but we’re not going to wait for you to arrive, we’re going to the next destination.”

“Where’s the next destination?”

“It’s called the Otherworldly Gate. I’m sorry, but can you head there directly?”

“Okay. But I don’t know where it is.”

“Rafishal says Feri knows everything.”

“Feri knows everything…….”

“I think so too. Anyway, it’s going to be busy at the Otherworldly Gate, and I may not have time to communicate with you, so you’re going to have to be flexible.”

“All right, be careful.”

“You, too.”

With that, he cut the communication.

“But even if it’s a simple seal, I’m worried that those Elysian Empire people will interfere with it.”

“Maybe that’s okay, Lucifer doesn’t know I’m here, I don’t think he could imagine that a normal human could seal the giant beasts.”

“Well, good for you…….”

“I’m sure Lucifer will be moving on soon, so I think he’ll be quickly going to the Elysian Empire.”

“What’s our next move?”

“I told you that 10,000 years ago, humanity came together to seal away the giant beasts. Lucifer’s greatest fear is that all the people will unite.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Perhaps Lucifer’s next move will be to start a world war that will engulf the entire continent, messing up relations between countries so badly that they can’t be united.”

“Giant beasts, world war, is he really trying to destroy humanity……?”

“Someone has to stop him. I’m sorry for placing such a huge burden on the Iron Knights.”

“Hmmm, we’re in the business of dealing with humans. In addition, all of our people are good-natured, starting with Yuta, so they probably don’t think much of the burden.”

Rafishal smiled a little when I said that. I guess it was a small expression of joy in a situation where there was no time to smile.

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  1. Can someone tell me the fcking reason why Yuta is talking so long to reach them even though he moved before Yuki??!
    Like I get the fcking author doesn’t want him to be in the fight so they don’t win easily, but find a better excuse cause there is no way he still hasn’treached them because he also took the shortest root!!

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