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I was sold at the lowest price C191

I was sold at the lowest price C191: Hangar 7


As soon as I finished the communication with Jean, I immediately asked Feri about the Otherworldly Gate.

“Feri, do you know where the Otherworldly Gate is?”

“Yes, Master, I do.”

“It looks like Jean and the others are on their way there now that the giant beasts are unsealed, so can you tell me the direct route from here?”

“Yes, sir. I’ll modify the route to the Otherworldly Gate.”

When I told Alana and Nanami that the giant beasts have been resurrected, they gave me a reliable response.

“Oh, we didn’t make it in time, did we? Well, if they’re making their next move that means there’s still something they can do. It’s too early to be pessimistic.”

“The Iron Knights are strong, so they’ll be fine.”

“Even if they are strong, the giant beasts are very powerful.”

“But we won’t lose! Nanami and the others have the power of unity!”

I think Nanami is actually a little scared, but it sounds like she’s being a little tough about it.

Then, we were moving smoothly for a while, when suddenly Feri said to me,

“Master, may we make a short detour?”

It was unusual for Feri to say such a thing, so I was surprised and asked her back.

”What do you mean, a detour?”

“It’s very dangerous to go to the Otherworldly Gate with our current equipment now that the giant beasts have returned. There is anti-big beast equipment stored nearby, so let’s get it before we go.”

“Anti-giant equipment, it’s worth a detour if there are such weapons…….Okay. Head that way.”

The place Feri led us to was a large oval rock. It looked like an ordinary rock, but Feri told me to hold my hand out to the protruding part of the rock. I did as I was told and pointed Arleo’s hand there. Then I heard a voice coming from somewhere.

“This is Hangar 7, where we keep our anti-beast equipment. To unlock the door, you’ll need the approval of Ra Factor Class A or higher. Please state your name and authorization number.”

Feri immediately replied to those words.

“Feri Rudia, authentication number 127778927………….”

“Class Ra Factor SSS. Professor, we have confirmation of Feri Rudia’s authentication. Opening the door to hangar 7.””

As the voice said this, a streak of light appeared on the rock, and the light spread out horizontally to reveal an entrance into the rock.

As I entered the rock, I saw many pieces of equipment for magicrafts, neatly displayed. There were so many that I couldn’t even tell what was what.

“The second weapon from the right is the Prominence Cannon, a Class 4 weapon that uses an independent core, so even a double Highlander Alana could probably fire about ten shots. The fifth one from the right is the Earth Quake unit. This is equipment that strengthens gravity-based magic strikes, and can strengthen Nanami’s shield gravity. This is also equipment for Class 4, but I think she can use it five times.”

Feri told Alana and Nanami this over the external output sound. The two of them did as they were told and picked up the designated equipment. By the way, Feri really knows her stuff.

“Feri, which one should I use?”

“For Master, you should use the Shining Smasher, the Class 3 weapon in the back. It has a smaller range than Viktor Nova, but it is more powerful. It will be effective against giant beasts of level S and above.”

“It’s more powerful than Viktor Nova? That’s awesome…….”

“However, this is a Class 3 weapon. It’s not a problem for class 2 master, but for class 5 Arleo, the load is too much and you’ll probably only be able to fire about three shots.”

“It’s a weapon that even Arleo can’t handle the load……What kind of level is that?”

“It’s the strongest weapon in existence. By the way, Viktor is a Class 4, so he can’t withstand the use of a Class 3 Shining Smasher.”

“Viktor too, what kind of magicraft can withstand that?”

“There are only five Class 3 dedicated magicrafts. In the ancient civilization, there were only five Class 3 riders, so there was no need for more.”

“Five machines, where are they? Since I’m a class 2 I can ride those can’t I?”

“I’m sorry…….I can’t answer that right now.”

“What? I mean, does Feri know where the Class 3 machines are?”

“Not all of them, but I do know where two of them are sleeping.”

“Yeah, well, if you can’t answer that question, I guess I don’t have a choice.”

This might be the first time Feri didn’t answer my question. I didn’t ask any more questions, thinking that there must be a reason why it was so important.

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