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I was sold at the lowest price C192

I was sold at the lowest price C192: To the Otherworldly Gate / Emina

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“You’ve done some serious damage, haven’t you?”

Liza said, letting out a sigh when she saw Artemis’ condition.

“How long do you think it will take you to fix it?”

“How long? Rafishal’s busy preparing to seal the giant beasts, and even if I and all the other mechanics were to repair it, it wouldn’t take more than an hour or two.”

“That’s true…….”

“I’m sorry, but you won’t be joining the others in the fight against the giant beasts. If you’re free, you can help me with the maintenance.”

“I don’t know anything about maintenance.”

“It’s a joke, of course. Why don’t you go upstairs and have a drink and take a rest, since you’re in the way? Maybe you’ll get a chance to go out and fill in for someone else, so you might as well take a break while you can.”

I didn’t think Liza would make a joke, so I took it seriously, but surely I would only be in the way if I were here. As she said, I decided to take a break to prepare in case I have to replace someone.

“So, how long will it take to repair her?”

When I got to the bridge, Jean asked me about Artemis’ condition. I answered while drinking the charcoal bean tea I had made earlier.

“It’s going to take quite a bit of time. It can’t be helped when it’s in such a bad state, but it’s frustrating to not be able to do anything when the behemoths are back.”

“Maybe we should have a spare magicraft or two for situations like this in the future.”

It’s true that having a spare machine would be a great help in a situation like this. But apart from that, I think I need to reflect on the fact that my beloved magicraft was destroyed in the first place.

“I see it, that’s the Otherworldly Gate, the land of the dead, where giant beasts spawn from.”

As Rafishal said this, I also looked at the Otherworldly Gate from the bridge window. It was a large circular trench spreading out on the ground, and since I couldn’t see any giant beasts yet, I couldn’t connect it with the image of the Land of the Dead.

Around the ditch, we could see some ruins. Rafishal pointed to one of them and instructed us to bring the ride carrier closer.

“Jean, I’m going to start using the defense system of the ancient civilization ruins to seal the Otherworldly Gate. It will take about two hours, but there’s a good chance that giant beasts will come out before it’s done. I know this may be a lot of work, but until the sealing is complete, can you protect the ruins I’m in?”

“All right. Don’t worry about the giant beasts, just concentrate on your work.”

Rafishal said and was about to head for the ruins. Then the mechanic’s twin brothers approached him and pleaded.

“Grand Master! Let us escort you on your sealing mission!”


“You’ll have to repair Artemis. Do your own work first.”

“Master Liza has given us permission! She said that the rate at which Artemis is being repaired won’t change whether we’re there or not!”

“No matter how strong you are, I don’t think there’s anything you can do without magicrafts.”

“I can be a shield or a decoy to protect the Grand Master.”

“Even against a giant beast, I can manage as long as I stay alive!”

They would probably risk their lives to protect Rafishal. He understood this and was reluctant, but in the end, the momentum of the two men pushed him to agree to the escort.

As the three of them made their way to the ruins, Jean quickly had the magicrafts ready.

“Linnecarlo, Lorgo, Farma, Arthur, let’s go. Don’t let the giant beasts get too close to the ruins where Rafishal is!”

“All right, then. This Thunder Emperor will not be slowed down by the giant beasts.”

“I’m a little scared, but I’ll do my best.”

“Arthur, let’s be Linnecarlo’s shield!”

I watch the four of them go off with an indescribable feeling. I felt frustrated and annoyed at myself for not being able to do anything about it. Perhaps sensing my frustration, Jean gave me some instructions.

“It seems that Rafishal has added an enchantment enhancement to the first ballista, so if someone with a high Ludia value controls it, it will be more powerful.”

Just the thought that I could do something helped me. I agreed with Jean’s instructions.

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