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I was sold at the lowest price C193

I was sold at the lowest price C193: Returning Home / Yuki


The surviving riders, including myself, Mary, and Enrique, have returned to the ride carrier.

As we returned to the ship, Dr. Brule gave us a token of thanks.

“Good work, Rafishal-sama’s goal has been accomplished. Therefore, as soon as Master Rafishal comes back, we will return to the Elysian Empire.”

“Does this mean that the objective has been achieved and the seal on the giant beasts has been broken?”

“That’s right. In a few moments, this place will be transformed into a hell filled with giant beasts. If we don’t retreat before that happens, we’ll become food for the behemoths.”

“Dr. Brule, do you really think that we’ll be safe after the giant beasts return?”

Dr. Brule responded to Mary’s words without changing her expression.

“My words are nothing in front of Master Rafishal’s thoughts. With you here, humanity has no need to fear the threat of giant beasts.”

No amount of persuasion would be of any use to Dr. Brule, who was so fascinated by Rafishal. Mary also seemed to be thinking about what she would do after she returned to the Elysian Empire, and she didn’t seem to have any intention of getting into an argument with Dr. Brule here and now.

A little while later, Rafishal came back, protected by his guards. Even though it was right after the important event of releasing a major threat to humanity, there was no change in his expression; he looked as if he had just returned from a walk around the neighborhood.

“Everything that needed to be done in this land is done. We must head for the Eternal Kingdom immediately.”

“Yes, we are already ready to leave.”

Rafishal and Dr. Brule, who have already established a master-servant relationship, seem to understand each other’s thoughts and can talk to each other without exchanging many words.

“The people who’ve been trying to prevent me from unsealing the giant beasts. Their fighting prowess is such that they can shoot down double-digit numbers of Highlanders from the Elysian Empire, and their intelligence is such that they were the first to notice that the giant beast’s seal has been lifted and interfere with it. Who are they?”

“It’s probably someone related to Feri Rudia. She must have understood that the power of the seal would weaken in 10,000 years, and it wouldn’t be surprising if she prepared something.”

“So there is no danger of the seal being placed again?”

“Hmph, you have no idea how much power that seal requires. It’s not possible for Feri to construct a seal that easily. Well, if Feri himself were to do it, she could probably do a simple seal for a few years, but she has no body. “

“You’re right, Master Rafishal.”

“I knew who the group that interfered with the unsealing of the giant beasts was but I didn’t have the duty or the desire to tell them. I shuddered to think of the danger Emina would be in if I told them about the Iron Knights.”

Rafishal and Dr. Brule seem to think that the giant beast’s seal has been lifted and there is no need for them to stay here, but I know the power of the Iron Knights and there’s no way they’ll just sit around and do nothing. I was sure that they would do something about the giant beast’s seal, and I was secretly rooting for them to do so.

As the ride carriers headed home, Mary and I were in my room discussing the arrangements to be made after we returned to the Elysian Empire. Dr. Brule and others are probably aware of our movements, but there is no interference and no sign of restraining us. That was eerie, but for now we should think about what we thought was necessary.

“If you tell the emperor about the Messiah clan and how they broke the seal on the giant beasts, they’ll be done for.”

“But what if they interfere with my audience with the Emperor?”

“That’s certainly my main concern. The Messiah clan seems to be powerful in the imperial family, and the stories about them controlling the heart of the country may not be false.”

“I think we should talk to Eo, the Minister of War, and also to Yuto, who is also from Earth.”

“Yes, I think those two are powerful and trustworthy.”

Thus, Mary and I have come to a consensus. First, we would return to the Elysian Empire and consult with the two people we trusted. We thought that no matter how much the Messiah clan, they would not be able to do anything against the Minister of War of the Elysian Empire and the strongest rider on the continent.

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  1. “I think we should talk to Eo, the Minister of War, and also to Yuto, who is also from Earth.”

    “Yes, I think those two are powerful and trustworthy.”

    when and where they met yuto?

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