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The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C26

The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C26: Expedition to the Royal Capital Reflection Session


I got up on the side of the road, woke up my squires, and hurriedly left the capital to go home.

I can’t recall anything from yesterday but I’m pretty sure I drank a bottle of Kahlua milk……. After that, I spent the next few days riding back to my own territory in a horse-drawn wagon, my ass damaged by the. When I found the familiar, beautifully paved cobblestone streets, I felt like crying at the thought of being back home, even though I had been away for less than a few weeks. That’s how much I enjoyed my life in the royal capital.

The squires were also on the verge of tears. That’s how much they don’t want to go back to the territory. They hadn’t done much work at all in the capital, and they had been drinking and playing in adult stores all day…

In the meantime, we arrived at the lord’s mansion. I was dropped off at the entrance of the lord’s house, and the squires and I broke up there.

“Welcome back, Master Chris.”

I opened the front door and there she was, a silver-haired woman in a maid’s uniform.

“I’m back, Yulis. You’ve been waiting for a long time, haven’t you?”

“Yes. I’ve been waiting here every day for your return.”

Yulis said, smiling gently like a flower. Ugh, cute.

“My sister, you lie like you breathe. You were only here by chance.”

Hal, who appeared from behind Yulis, said in disgust. No way! She almost got me with the gap between her normal cold expression and her smile!

“I think we should really talk about that, don’t you? Sure enough, Chris-sama seemed to be impressed by your idea.”

“My sister really doesn’t take it personally, does she?”

“Well, that’s not the point. Chris-sama, can you tell us the report of the expedition to the royal capital as soon as possible?”

You’ve blatantly changed the subject… I glared at her, but Yulis remained aloof.

“Where to start…let’s go to the conference room for now.”

Then, a few hours later, I gathered Hal, Zion, Yulis and Hazuki in the conference room.

“Well, where do I start?”

“Master Chris. What the hell is this thing?”

And then Hal said, pointing at Hazuki with such force that she almost jumped on me as soon as I opened my mouth.

“What? Sotheby’s didn’t tell you?”

“I heard, but all I asked for was a civil servant. Why are you adding a new job to the mix?”

Hal said angrily. I guess he hasn’t been able to sleep since I left most of the paperwork to him while I was in the capital. I forgot to scout for civil servants.

“Hey! You! We’ve been officially hired! If you have a problem with that, come out in the open!”

Hazuki also can’t stand it when Hal says what he wants, and is trying to grab him.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop, stop, stop!”

“Chris-sama brought her here without consulting me!”

“You’re the one who hired them, so make sure they know what they’re doing!”

“I’m sorry…….”

That’s scary!

After a bit of silence, I opened my mouth when Yulis cleared her throat twice.

“Excuse me, Hazuki, would you mind introducing yourself?”

When I said that, Hazuki shook her head and got up to open her mouth.

“I’m Hazuki, the master of Bezu Workshop.”

I quickly followed up as Hazuki answered bluntly and succinctly and quickly took her seat.

“Hazuki is a skilled craftsman in spite of her appearance, and I’m hoping that Liz’s workshop will be responsible for the Viscount’s forging work.”

“If you don’t have enough tools to work with you’re welcome to her.”

Zion said with narrowed eyes as I finished his introduction of Hazuki.

“So, Master Chris. Where’s the civil servant?”

“I’m sorry. I forgot.”

“What the hell?”

Hal’s scream echoed.

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