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I was sold at the lowest price C194

I was sold at the lowest price C194: The Overflowing Disaster / Jean


It’ll take Rafishal two hours to complete the seal, and hopefully no giant beasts will appear until then……However, my fleeting hope was not fulfilled. A part of the circular trench began to rise up. A huge shadow appeared from the ground as the earth rose up like a bubble.

“Tsk! Too soon. It’s been less than an hour! Hey, the first one’s coming out, get rid of it before the next one sprouts up!”

“Lorgo, prepare for the behemoth’s attack. Farma, cover fire from the air, and Arthur, charge in and scare the beast. Leave the rest to me!”

In the absence of Alana, Yuta, and Emina, Linnecarlo, who usually prefers to fight alone, commands the others.

Lorgo Ganesha stands in front of the giant beast and attracts its attention. Even though it had just sprung up, the giant beast made an eerie sound and threatened Ganesha. In the meantime, Arthur’s Sentor, who was flanking him, made a gesture of rushing forward, knocking the ground with his back foot.

Floating in midair, Farma’s Garuda launched an arrow enchanted with the power of wind. When it struck the giant beast between the eyes, it seemed to have taken some damage and began to flail violently.

At the same time Garuda’s Arrow hit the giant beast, Arthur’s Sentor started running. He accelerated to top speed at once, approached the giant beast, and with his momentum, stabbed the giant beast in the side with his drill lance. It was so powerful that the giant beast, which was five times larger than Sentor, floated up a little, and it expressed the extent of the damage with a fierce roar.

At that moment, Linnecarlo’s Odin was already preparing a powerful magic strike. Holding her staff upwards, she spoke the activation code for the new magic strike that had been reinforced and implemented by Rafishal.

“Thor Hammer!”

The blue light forms a band and extends in a straight line, hitting the giant beast. The giant beast’s large body was shot out by the blue light, and it scattered, emitting lightning from all over its body.

“That’s a lot of power…….”

I had heard that Rafishal had given her a great magic attack, but I didn’t expect it to be as powerful as this, so I was honestly surprised.

However, there was no time to be surprised. The next thing I knew, I could see three heaps of earth at the same time. I hurriedly instructed everyone.

“Next, we have three guests! Linnecarlo will take out the one in the back, Lorgo, Farma and Arthur will take out the one in the southeast, and Fugaku ballista attack will take out the remaining one in the north!”

Not being able to fire her Thor’s Hammer in rapid succession, Linnecarlo finished off the giant beast in the back with a series of Triple Lightning’s. As for the giant beasts that sprang up in the southeast, Lorgo stopped it, Farma amassed damage with Arrows from behind, and finally Arthur’s rushing attack stopped it.

“Fugaku, all guns, open fire on the giant beast in the north!”

Attacks are launched simultaneously from the six ballistae of Fugaku quadruple automatic loadout. The kill arrows are special arrows designed and made by Rafishal to penetrate the hard outer skin of giant beasts, and use hard Gogatite for the tip, a very expensive material.

As expected, the penetrating power of the kill arrow easily pierced the outer skin of the giant beast. In addition, the power of the kill arrow of the ballista operated by Emina was tremendous and powerful enough to crush the head of that huge beast.

I thought, “Okay, this is going to be good…” but that was a naive thought. The next thing that happened was a flood of dirt; so many that I couldn’t count them all at once. Sweat poured down my forehead at that sight.

“Oh no, they’re coming out in huge numbers! We can’t deal with them individually, everyone gather near the ride carrier!”

It would probably be a few more minutes before Rafishal could complete the seal. It would be nice if we could hold out until then, but the speed at which they are coming out is clearly faster than the speed at which we can destroy them. It would be better to concentrate on buying time as a team.

As if to ridicule my thoughts, giant beasts appeared one after another from the Otherworldly Gate. Looking at their huge bodies, even if I didn’t want to, I could feel the fear welling up in me. And at the same time, the faces of my most dependable companion came to mind.

Yuta, what are you doing? Come on…….I don’t think we can last long enough……

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