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I was sold at the lowest price C195

I was sold at the lowest price C195 – Exhaustion / Linnecarlo


My knees trembled when I saw the swarms of giant beasts that had sprung up all at once.

“LORGO! Arthur! Get to the vanguard and control the herd! Farma, we’re going to attack the smaller ones!”

Lorgo and Arthur alone would not be able to hold back the herd for that long. I can’t help but think……how good it would be if Yuta, Nanami and Alana were here.

Fugaku would fill in for the three of us. Deploying in front of the ruins, a large amount of arrows were already being released from the ballista. They skewered many of the giant beasts, but not enough to stop their momentum

The first group has reached Lorgo and Arthur. At that moment, I unleash a lightning strike.

“Triple Lightning!”

The three lightning balls all hit the first giant beast. The behemoth fell backwards, I then unleashed a series of triple lightning bolts. A single triple lightning strike is not enough to kill a large beast. I have to hit it again and again before it finally collapses.

I can’t unleash an inexhaustible supply of magic strikes. It drains my energy and stamina, and eventually I will reach my limit and be unable to use it. If I use it at this rate, I will run out in about ten minutes. I’d like to use it less often, but the giant beasts that are closing in are relentless. Lorgo and Arthur manage to stop them in the front line, but as soon as my attacks weaken, the giant beasts will probably crush us.

An even larger group was closing in on Lorgo and Arthur. Odin and Garuda’s attacks couldn’t stop their momentum, and many giant beasts swarmed Ganesha and Sentor. The claws and fangs of the giant beasts destroyed the bodies of the two magicrafts.

Damn it……I can’t help it.

“Thor Hammer!”

The blue lightning from the Thor Hammer forms a large band and pierces through the crowd of giant beasts. About ten of them, including the large beasts, are pierced by the blue lightning and perished.

It would have been much easier if I could have used Thor’s Hammer in succession, but this magic strike is very draining, and one shot uses the energy of dozens of Triple Lightning shots. In this situation, where we need to buy time, I should try to refrain from using it.

The blow of the Thor’s Hammer earlier had given Lorgo and Arthur a moment to recover, but the giant beasts were not stopping, they were gaining momentum and doubling in number.

Fugaku cannons are constantly hitting the giant beasts, but they are sprouting much faster than they are falling, and the number of giant beasts is only increasing. At this rate, we won’t be able to hold out much longer. Seeing more and more giant beasts swarming around Ganesha and Sentor, I fired my second Thor’s Hammer.

I started to breathe hard…….I feel sluggish and weak all over my body. My concentration faded and I realized that I am nearing my limit. The next Thor Hammer will be the last attack…….I had realized that.

The final blow was to be unleashed sooner than expected. Arthur’s Sentor was about to be crushed by one of the giant beasts. I wondered for a moment if I should abandon him, but I released Thor’s Hammer and saved him.

“Haha……haha…..huu~ this is nothing!”

I guess he could tell that I was trying to act tough, so Arthur said something unnecessary.

“Dear Linnecarlo, leave the rest to Arthur here and get some rest!”

If I could leave it to them, I would, but it was obvious that it was physically impossible so I took a last resort.

I struck the giant beast with my staff. Even though I can no longer use Thor Hammer, I can still use my remaining energy to move Odin. I can keep up with a Triple Highlander in white combat alone.

However, the attacks of the giant beasts were stronger than I expected. Odin’s body screamed every time he was attacked by a giant beast. Parts of his shoulders popped off and parts of his torso were ripped off. The tip of the staff, which I had roughly handled as a blunt weapon, was bent and in an instant Odin was forced into a state of total exhaustion.

Ganesha, who is supposed to be very defensive and durable, has already lost one arm, broken a leg, and can no longer stand. Arthur’s Sentor seems to be completely out of action, as his head has been destroyed and his elemental line has been severed.

This is as far as we’ve gotten…even though the seal is not complete yet……

In the midst of my feelings of resignation, Yuta’s face comes to mind……Yes, if Yuta comes, we can make it! I mustered up my last bit of energy and moved the battered Odin.

Wielding my broken staff, I fought the giant beasts with all my might, but it seemed that Odin had reached his limit. He could no longer move as I wished – despite my desire to fight, Odin’s movements slowed and eventually came to a complete halt.

“I’m sorry…….I can’t do this anymore…….”

I felt sorry and muttered to myself. But just when I was in desperate need, a ray of hope was released. After a strong flash of light, a huge line of light attacked the giant beasts. Countless giant beasts were disappearing like they were evaporating – and a pleasant voice came over the communication.

“Linnecarlo, are you okay?”

When I heard his voice, I felt a strong sense of relief, my tense feelings relaxed and I lost consciousness.

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