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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C30


I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C30: Talents Only I Can Recognize. Hidden gems (13)


It was dark in the castle, fortunately, the sky was cloudless. Zint and I slipped out of the prison in the confusion and hid in a secret space underneath a small temple in the city.

Before going to Linon Castle, I asked the soldiers about possible places to hide. One of the soldiers who were in charge of the temple told me about this place.

There was no way that the Narja Royal Army, which had just taken over Linon Castle, knew more about geography than the locals.

Hidden in the basement of the temple, I waited for dawn to break and moved to the street. I avoided the patrols and observed the sky. It was the night of the day when Linon Castle was occupied, when the enemy soldiers were resting.

According to the method I learned from Givens, it was about three in the morning. It was not as accurate as a clock, but since Givens would also calculate the time based on the position of the moon, we would both know the same time anyway.

The mission I gave to Yusen and Givens started at about 1 o’clock, it’s been about two hours since then. If the two of them were working as planned, I wouldn’t have much time to relax.

I came out of the waterway and used the system. 34 soldiers were guarding the north gate, thirty men on the wall and four in front of the gate.


As usual, there was no change in Zint’s expression, he just followed me. Perhaps accepting my words that he should stay with me to see that I am a man who keeps his word, Zint followed me without saying another word about dying. But even so, he just walked listlessly, clutching the ring I recovered, as if he didn’t care when he died.

“Aren’t you wondering what I’m going to do now?”

“You’re trying to escape, aren’t you?”

Well, there’s that too, escape is my last option. I can’t throw away my life.

“No. Even if I have to run, I’m going to take this castle back before I do.”

“…… Are you out of your mind? How are you going to take this castle back by yourself?”

“With a miracle?”

“What the hell!?”

“Actually, I’ve been making some assumptions about the movements of the scouts you belong to.”


“What do you think was the reason for sending you to scout the way when they already knew the terrain and figured the location of the supply base?”

“I don’t know. I was just following orders.”

“Narja’s people were planning to abandon the reconnaissance team you belonged to from the beginning. They wanted to give us information. I’m sure the higher-ups in the Narja army used you as a pawn.”

“……That country never did anything for me from the beginning, I’m not surprised.”

Zint replied as if it was no surprise.

“I had my suspicions. Even though we stopped the surprise attack, that part didn’t quite add up. But after seeing the fall of Linon Castle, I’m convinced that the enemy’s strategist has a plan. I’m going to destroy that strategy now.”


“I hope you understand that once I’ve accomplished this seemingly impossible feat, I’m going to save you and your woman so that you can live happily ever after.”


He says he will die to protect her, but it is only natural for a human being to want to live and be happy together if possible.

“So what are you going to do?”

“Well, it’s easy. All we have to do is open the north gate.”

“There are at least ten thousand Narja troops inside the castle. What kind of miracle are we trying to pull off?”

I didn’t answer his question and ran towards the north gate. All I have to do is prove it with my actions.

“Who are you? Identify yourself!”

The soldiers on top of the castle gate shouted, but I ignored them and rushed toward the gate. Zint, who was following behind me,said.

“Miline said I was an idiot. That’s why she told me not to act rashly. I don’t know if helping you is the right thing to do. If I do, will I really be happy?”

“If you follow me, you won’t have to live on the lowest rung of the ladder, because your happiness will be nothing compared to the miracle that is about to happen.”

Sensing the surprise attack, the soldiers began to blow their trumpets. In a few moments, enemies would be pouring in from all directions.

After using [Sweep] to instantly subdue the four soldiers under the castle gate, Zint and I arrived in front of the gate. Then, we removed the long barred bolt on the inside of the gate.


The thirty soldiers on the castle wall came down one after the other.

” Zint! Can you lend me a hand while I open the gates?”


He didn’t respond, though. I have no idea what to do with this behavior. In any case, it’s a plan I made assuming that Zint is not here. I’ll have to do it alone!

At first, I started by dealing with the soldiers who came down from the castle wall. Opening the gate with my back to the enemy soldiers would be like asking them to kill me.

“They’re trying to open the gates! Kill them now!”

When I finally made my way back to the gate after cutting down 30 enemy soldiers, the soldiers on the other side of the gate began to descend from the castle tower.

The infantry sleeping closest to me swarmed me; the number of soldiers was over a hundred. Thanks to the fact that I fought alone, Zint didn’t make a move. He just looked around with a confused look in his eyes, wondering what was bothering him so much. It was as if he was distracted by something else.

I still had points so I used [Sweep] on the soldiers coming towards me, this skill is quite useful against multiple enemies. The downside is that it’s not a skill powerful enough to destroy the castle gates, the basic skills are like that.


With a loud explosion, the soldiers in the area died, the problem was that more were coming. [Sweep] bought me some time so I turned around and started to open the gate.


It was not that difficult to open the unbolted gate. Usually, it takes two soldiers to open and close the gate. So it would be more difficult for a single person. In the end, I succeeded in opening the gate, at the same time, the enemy was closing in on us.



I used the system to slay my enemies, the entrance to the castle gate was narrow so I was able to prevent myself from being surrounded, but it was gradually getting out of hand.

The moment the enemy’s sword grazed my arm, blood splattered.

“Damn it……”

I turned my gaze to Zint, but he was completely outside the castle gates, determined not to take action. I had no choice but to activate my Perks while watching the blood flow. The people in front of me were all soldiers of low military strength, but there were so many of them that I didn’t think I could hold them off any longer.

There is no way that a warrior with a martial force of 61 can win against hundreds of soldiers. But when you have a martial force of 91, it’s a different story! Daitouren began to kill the enemies while moving at an astonishing speed.

The problem was that the number of enemy soldiers would increase as time went on but they were almost there. As long as Yusen and Givens followed the plan I only needed to hold out a little longer!

“Can you really pull off a miracle?”

In the midst of all this, Zint, who had been watching my fight closely, threw a question at me.

“I’ve fought like you before. I fought like you to get Mirine back, then a miracle happened and I was able to save her. When I saw you fighting, I remembered that time. When I look at you, my body tells me to help you. Will you really make me and Mirine happy, like you kept your promise to get the ring back?”

“I’ll make a miracle happen here, that’s what I promised you!”

When I shouted that Zint, who was behind me, jumped in front of me. The pile of corpses on the ground and the narrow entrance to the castle gate had slowed down the enemy’s movement a bit, so he picked up a sword and joined the fight.

“If you keep your promise, I’ll do anything. If I can be happy with Mirine, I’ll give everything I have. So, I’ll trust you just once, I’ll see how you can make a miracle happen in this situation!”


Zint swung his sword; with a martial force of 93 he slayed the enemies one after another. He has a tremendous ability that puts him at the top of this world!

“For the sake of Miline’s happiness……all of you must die!”

Zint went on a rampage on the battlefield, a feast of blood erupted under the moonlight. The heads of countless enemy soldiers tumbled down.

I burst into laughter. That’s right, this is what talent is. I needed this kind of talent to unify the country. I was so excited that my heart began to beat faster.

Furthermore, Zint did not use his skills. A martial force value of 93 in this world is proof that he has that much mana stored in his body. He doesn’t know how to use it? Of course, speed and power already contained mana, but he didn’t use the skills to dissipate it through his weapon. Well, I’ll ask her about that later.

Zint slaughtered his enemies as if he were the god of death. Thanks to him, the number of enemies coming at me has decreased. I was able to defend the gate with even more confidence.

There was no soldier here who could resist his power. A smoke like a shimmer rose from his sword, it was mana.

A loud bugle call sounded inside the Linon Castle, and as time passed, a large number of soldiers began to swarm in.

“Zint, we have to fight together!”


I ran next to Zint, I was done staling and if the miracle doesn’t happen, it means that the seed I planted in Yusen has gone wrong. In that case, the mission would be a failure.

“What’s the matter? Haven’t you ever had someone who fought with you, back to back? Don’t you think it’s interesting that two people can face off death together? I think it’s the most fun I’ve ever had. Kuh-ha-ha-ha!”

Laughing like a madman, me and Zint made our move. Soon, the two of us were cutting the enemies throats, and the blood began to color the front of the castle gate.

The moment the number of soldiers I slayed exceeded 500, I heard the sound of horseshoes kicking powerfully against the ground. Appearing on the scene were cavalrymen dressed in blue military uniforms, the symbol of the Lunan Kingdom! Fortunately, a miracle happened, Yusen did exactly as I planned!

The man at the head of the cavalry coming into the castle gate swung his spear at the enemy soldiers. Light burst out from the spear, it went over the heads of the enemy soldiers who were rushing towards him.

As if the scythe of the Grim Reaper had passed over them, hundreds of heads leapt up into the sky with the light. At that moment, the sky was filled with a fountain of blood from the heads of hundreds of people.

“Are you Earl Erhin?”

A powerful mana skill, I had no doubt that the plan worked, my army would enter the open gates but the apparition of this man was a little unexpected.

[Demasin Elheat]

[Age: 42]

[Martial Force: 96]

[Intelligence: 70]

[Command: 92]

First Warlord of the Lunan Kingdom, Elheat the Demon Spear! Narja Kingdom had 10 Warlords, but Elheat was the only famous man in the corrupt Lunan Kingdom. He was the right-hand man of Duke Ronen, who obeyed his orders to protect the royal palace and died alone, defending it to the end.

“I salute you for your efforts. Elheat here will help you from this point on!”

Elheat shouted and rushed towards the enemy.


Every time he swung his spear many soldiers fell, martial force 96 was such a terrific number. Furthermore, the cavalry that followed him also had a completely different level of training and morale than the ordinary Lunan Kingdom army.

“Is this what you call a miracle?”

Seeing this, Zint, who still had his back to me, asked.

“Well, miracles come in all shapes and sizes.”

I replied, heaving a sigh of relief.

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