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I was sold at the lowest price C196

I was sold at the lowest price C196 – Into a Tight Spot


As I approached the Otherworldly Gate, I could hear strange voices and earth-shaking sounds. I still don’t know what’s going on, but I can feel something unpleasant in the air.

“It looks like quite a few giant beasts have already sprung up.”

“Nanami is not afraid!”

“It looks like we’re going to have to use this anti-beast equipment, you two might want to be ready to fire it the moment we arrive.”

From a distance, I catch a glimpse of something stirring in the air. A chill runs down my spine when I think that it’s all giant beasts.

“It looks bad. Let’s hurry up.”

Agreeing with Alana’s words, we quickened the pace of the magicrafts.

The current state of the Otherworldly Gate is horrifying……countless giant beasts fill the earth, and among them, I can see Fugaku and Linnecarlo’s Odin, Farma’s Garuda, Lorgo’s Ganesha, and Arthur’s Sentor.

All of the magicraft were in shambles, and the only one working properly was Farma’s, who was in midair escaping the attack of the giant beasts.

I quickly readied my Shining Smasher and pointed the muzzle at the pack of giant beasts.

“Feri! Tell me the best point of attack to help my allies out of that horde of behemoths!”

“‘Yes, Master. The target will be displayed on the screen. Place the center pointer on the target and fire.”

As Feri said this, a round target display appeared on the screen showing the scenery outside. I aligned the triangular display with my aim and pulled the trigger.

A powerful light shot out from the Shining Smasher. The light stretched straight out while burning away the giant beasts. I was relieved to see that the giant beast that had been closing in on my friends had been wiped out. However, Linnecarlo’s Odin hadn’t moved a muscle. Worried, I called out to her.

“Linnecarlo, are you okay?”

But there was no reply. This was pretty bad. I wanted to help Linnecarlo, Lorgo, and Arthur, but I was not sure of my decision when I saw the next group of giant beasts coming towards us.

“Prominence Cannon, fire!”

The Prominence Cannon, the anti-beast weapon of Bercya of Alana, emitted high-temperature, heavy-density red lotus flames. The flames burned through the approaching herd of giant beasts.

“EarthQuake Gravity!”

Nanami’s Vajra charged at the group of giant beasts coming towards us and unleashed a magical strike strengthened by the EarthQuake Unit. The impact was so great that it caused the ground to crack, spreading out in a semicircle, and the giant beasts fell as if swallowed by the crumbling ground.

Despite the destructive power of these anti-beast weapons, the speed of the giant beasts coming out of the ground seems to be faster, and the absolute number of giant beasts does not seem to be decreasing. At this rate, Linnecarlo and the others who are unable to move will be in danger, and there is even a risk of total destruction.

I have to help Linnecarlo and the others…….

“Alana! Nanami! I’ll draw the attention of the behemoths while you get Linnecarlo and the others to Fugaku.”

“Okay. But Yuta, don’t push yourself too hard.”

“Yuta, you’re dealing with the giant beasts, so don’t be reckless like usual.”

“I know, I know. Jean, can you hear me? I’m going to act as a decoy and lead the behemoths north, while you get Linnecarlo and the others!”

“You’re being reckless again……but this time you’ll have to be. Alright, I’ll take care of them.”

Anyway, I decided to stand out and attract the giant beasts. I changed to flash mode and ran through the crowd of giant beasts, emitting a light that stood out in the dimly lit underground space. I don’t know if the giant beasts have intelligence or not, but they gathered as if they were attracted to the light that Arleo was emitting.

When they are all lumped together, I unleash the Shining Smasher. It kills many of the giant beasts with its heat rays of destruction, but they don’t seem to be diminishing.

The light from the Shining Smasher attracted giant beasts and more of them gathered around me. There were so many of them that I was terrified, so I quickly fired the Shining Smasher again. But at the same time as the recoil of the shot, an unpleasant sound echoed from Arleo.

“Master. Arleo is beginning to be affected. The Shining Smasher will reach its limit with the next blow.”

Arleo was almost at its limits and I had to get out of this situation with a single shot …….I was desperately thinking of a solution.

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