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I was sold at the lowest price C199

I was sold at the lowest price C199 – Seal Complete / Jean


Right on the time that Yuta had told me, Arleo blew himself up. An intense flash and light enveloped the area, engulfing the crowd of giant beasts in a powerful explosion. The shockwave reached Fugaku, who was some distance away, and shook the hull violently.


Alana shouted, perhaps worried by the power of the explosion. I’m not sure what to do.

“Is he……really going to be okay in that kind of explosion?”

“I……feel pain in my chest…..Yuta……”

When the cloud of dust from the explosion cleared, the giant beasts disappeared, leaving only a large underground space.

“We don’t have much time. The behemoths will emerge again soon! Alana, Nanami, Farma, find Yuta and retrieve him! He should be at the center point of the explosion, hurry up!”


Alana and the others were so worried that they ran out at great speed and looked for Arleo.

I had expected to find him soon, but the transmission from Alana and the others was a disappointment.

“Jean, he’s nowhere to be found! I can’t even find what’s left of Arleo!”

“What should I do?……Oh no……Yuta’s not here!”


Damn…….I knew I shouldn’t have let him blow himself up…….

“Jean, I saw a large blown-up object at the time of the explosion, maybe it was the cockpit of Arleo.”

That’s what Fistina tells me. I was impressed that she could see such a thing in such a situation, and asked her for more information.

“Really? Which way did it go?”

“Northwest of the center point. With that kind of momentum, it must have flown a long way.”

“Okay! Alana, Nanami, Farma! There’s a chance he might’ve been blown northwest of there. Can you look in that direction?”

“Copy that! I’m on my way!”

A new giant beast is already sprouting from the Otherworldly Gate. We don’t have much time…….We have to find him quickly…….

“‘……Jean, oh my god, I found a big crack in the ground to the northwest. If he fell in here……”

“No way! How unlucky can he be!?”

“Nanami is going down to find Yuta!”

“Nanami, stop it! We don’t even know if he fell in there!”

It seems that Nanami tried to go down into the crack and was stopped by Alana. Her decision was correct, if she’s not careful, more people will go missing and the situation will only get worse.

In the midst of the worst situation, the only good news came from Rafishal.

“Jean, the seal is complete.”

“Okay. We’ll move Fugaku to the side of the ruins immediately.”

So now there’s no more giant beasts sprouting up.….. The plan was to leave as soon as we retrieved Rafishal, but there was no way our people would agree to retreat without Yuta. After all, it would be better to conduct a full-scale search after that giant beasts are taken care of and safety is secured. But 50 giant beasts, can we defeat them without Yuta……?

As I was struggling, Rafishal came back to the bridge.

“Jean, is it true that you can’t find Yuta?”

Rafishal was also worried and said so immediately.

“Yeah, they can’t even find what’s left of Arleo.”

“Well……there’s a good chance he’s still alive. He’s with Feri, so there’s no way he could have disappeared without leaving some tracks.”

“I’m relieved to hear that. In that case, we’ll have to do a full-scale search, but those surviving behemoths will be in the way.”

“I think there are about fifty of them…….Fortunately, there don’t seem to be any S-level individuals in sight.”

“Do you think we can destroy them without Yuta?”

“Hmm……Linnecarlo can’t move either, so I think it will be difficult.”

As if she had heard Rafishal’s decision, Alana said,

“Me and Nanami have anti-beast equipment, so I think we can handle it.”

“Anti-giant equipment! Where did you get that?”

“We got it at a place Feri showed us before we came here.”

“I see, Feri had prepared such equipment…….If you have the equipment that Feri had prepared, you might be able to make it.”

I’m sure Rafishal’s decision is correct.

“All right, let’s destroy the surviving behemoths! Everyone, prepare for battle!”

They all reacted with liveliness, as if they knew that the eradication of the giant beasts would lead to the search for Yuta.

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