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The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C28

The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C28: Reclaimed land and letter


After returning from the capital, I decided to go to the academy and due to my promise to Hal, I’m always working and can’t leave the office except for bath time. I guess it’s not so different from what I was doing in Japan. While I was thinking such negative thoughts, I heard a quick knock and the door opened.

“‘Master Chris, the reclamation has been successfully completed!”

Zion came to the office and said with a joyful smile.

“You did really well Zion!”

“Thank you sir!”

I couldn’t help but stand up and offer words of encouragement to Zion.

The reclamation project had been planned by Zion, who had worked tirelessly through the night, and I had seen the many problems and hardships he had encountered during the actual construction. When I thought of this, I felt tears welling up in my own eyes. Tears also came to Zion’s eyes.

“You must be tired today. Finish your work early and take a break along with the workers.”

“Thank you so much! Everyone will be absolutely delighted!”

I filled a small bag with gold coins and handed it to Zion, who bowed deeply and left the office with light steps. As Zion slipped away, I suddenly thought that it would be a good opportunity to hold a festival to celebrate the completion of the land reclamation as well as my coming of age.

We discussed and decided to grow cotton to drain the salt from the reclaimed land and turn it into rice paddies. We called in a specialist in cotton cultivation through the Sotheby Trading Company and asked Yulis to select farmers suitable for the scale of the project.

I immediately called a representative of the farmers to discuss the business plan. Two days later, I walked into the room where the elected representatives of the farmers were waiting, and there was a man I knew very well.

“Aren’t you getting bigger again than before, chief?”

“Ha-ha-ha! The more potatoes we grow, the more we can sell, and the more we can work in the fields!”

The old man, darker in color and more muscular than before, answered in a loud, cheerful voice as he flexed his arms. I hope you’re not building another hidden farm. Let’s do a land inspection.

I didn’t expect the village chief to come, so I decided to ask him why he was here.

“Why did you take on a risky new job as a cotton farmer?”

“Because it sounds interesting!”


“Sotheby’s says there are very few cotton farmers in the world! I thought I’d make a fortune out of it.”

He’s still the same greedy old man.

“The new policies of the Dreschord territory have been working well so far. If I don’t make a quick decision, there’s no future for me!”

The village chief said with some certainty.

“No, I think only the village chief thinks like that…”

“That’s not true, Master Chris! My late son and the rest of the village were the first to run for the position when Lord Yulis asked for it. Well, I kept them quiet! Ha ha ha!”

What an arrogant old man.

“I see. Well, just be prepared to take some risks.”

“Of course, sir!”

I’m not sure if he really knows what he’s doing, but I was able to confirm his intentions. I decided to leave the rest to the cotton experts and let them work out a business plan with the village head.

When I left the room, Yulis spoke to me with a clear expression on her face, but with a somewhat troubled voice.

“You have a letter Master Chris.”

“A letter for me?”

“Yes. You have a letter from Mr. Yakult Wald.”

Who’s Yakult Wald?

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