I was sold at the lowest price C200

I was sold at the lowest price C200

I was sold at the lowest price C200 – A Long Time Ago


I heard that once the remaining energy in the cockpit is gone, even the lights will be turned off, so I checked my equipment while it was still visible.

“I’ve got about 70% water in a bottle, two packs of portable food to eat……a small backpack with a knife, rope and…… It’s hard without light……”

“Yuta, my storage medium is under the seat. If you give it to Rafishal, my functions will be restored. Can you take it with you if it’s not too much of a burden?”

“I’ll definitely take that with me. Give me a minute, I’ll check it out.”

I opened the lid under the seat and looked inside.

“Is this white round thing the correct storage medium?”

“Yes. That is my mainframe.”

“All right. When the power goes out, I’ll take it off and give it to Rafishal, don’t worry.”

“You can take it off now, sir.”

“There’s still time. I’ll miss having someone to talk to.”

“Yes, well then, let’s talk as long as time permits.”

I had plenty of time. I returned to my seat and asked Feri what was bothering her.

“To be frank, is Feri one of the three disciples that Rafishal said had abandoned her body?”

“Yes, I am. I am one of the disciples of the great sage Rafishal.”

“I knew it. Why did Feri decide to leave her body?”

“At the time I thought I didn’t need a body. The body ages and needs to eat to maintain its functions. You also need to sleep, and take care of your body at the very least…Well, the point is that maintaining the body became a chore.”

“Were you scared?”

“I wasn’t afraid. I was confident in my skills and ideas, but people around me were quite opposed.”

“Rafishal was also against it?”

“No, he was one of the few people who agreed with me because he understood me very well.”

“Oh, really?”

“He said that if anything happened to me, he would always be there to help.”

“Wait a minute, could it be that……Rafishal and Feri are……”

“It wasn’t a romantic relationship or anything like that. We both put our research first, and Metis has a very abnormal view of love.”

“Abnormal? I’m afraid to ask.”

“He can create love for any gender, any race, or even inorganic matter. He’s an absolute philanthropist. As long as the conditions are met, he will fall in love with any being, so he doesn’t even know if he’s in love with a woman of his own species just because she’s a woman.”

“You mean he’s in love with everything……That’s just a little scary.”

“If it weren’t for that, he’d be a really nice guy. He had a lot of fans among my friends, and he was very popular.”

“That’s why Rafishal, the Great Sage, named him his successor.”

“Yes. There was no doubt that he was the best personality among the three disciples. I think it’s more of a process of elimination, because my brother Lucifer had a broken heart, and I’m the kind of person who would abandon my own body…….”

“I heard that Lucifer tried to kill Metis, what happened?”

“He stabbed him to death with his sword and threw him into a river. My assistant, who happened to witness the scene, rescued him from the river and put him in a medical capsule, which was under development at the time, for treatment.”

“He must have held a grudge against him, stabbing him to death.”

“That’s why Rafishal, who was saved, pretended to be dead. Lucifer probably still doesn’t know that he is alive.”

“What happens if he finds out he’s alive?”

“He’ll come to kill him right away. To Lucifer, Rafishal is the one person he doesn’t want alive even for a second.”

“It’s tricky…….”

“As a fellow student, I’m responsible for Lucifer. I’ll make sure to seal him up again.”

“You’ve sealed him before, haven’t you? Is there any reason why he has to be sealed?”

“Because Lucifer’s existence will not disappear even if you kill him. For Lucifer, who will soon be reincarnated and resurrected, death is only a way out.”

“Oh, right, he reincarnates. It’s troublesome, isn’t it?”

It must be tough for Rafishal to be resented so much by such an existence. I was completely oblivious to my current situation and felt sorry for him.

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