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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C33

I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C33: Talents Only I Can Recognize. Hidden gems (16)


In the capital of the Lunan Kingdom, the king was on a rampage.

“Incompetent bastards if you’re going to be defeated like this why didn’t you just offer me your heads from the beginning?”

After the fall of Linon Castle news came in he was so anxious that he yelled the entire night.

“We can’t go on like this, it’s too dangerous here. We must abandon King’s Landing and go to the southern territories.”

The king’s words were met with opposition from Earl Borde.

“Your Majesty. The safest place in the Lunan Kingdom is here between the walls of the Royal Capital. Besides, we have troops in the southern territories that haven’t joined the war yet.”

“Shut up! Only if I live can this country survive!”

But the king only cared about his own life. He didn’t care if his territory was taken, as long as he could save himself.

“Prepare to evacuate immediately!”

The king hurriedly came down from his throne and started prancing around. In the midst of all this, the captain of the royal guard came running in with great vigor.

“Your Majesty!”

“What is it now? Don’t tell me that King’s Landing is in danger!”

The captain of the royal guard came in, that meant that there was a report from the front line.

“Your Majesty, I have good news! We have reports that Linon Castle has been retaken!”


The king’s face, which had been trembling, changed strangely. The other nobles who had gathered in the main hall were all in the same situation.

“It just fell and we’ve taken it back? Does that mean the fall of Castle Linon was a false alarm?”

While the king was speechless, Count Borde turned to the royal guard captain and asked.

“It is not so, my lord. In the reports that come in it’s said that Earl Aintorian recaptured Linon Castle!”

The royal guard captain presented the report and the King took it and began to read it. The King immediately relaxed his expression and began to laugh.

“Ha-hahaha! Check this out!”

The king continued to laugh as he shouted at the nobles.

“Earl Aintorian, whom I summoned, has retaken Linon Castle! Those of you who were against it because of his reputation, do you still disagree?”

Erhin’s summoning was indeed the king’s own decision. The king had been about to abandon the capital and flee, but now he started to run around in a frenzy.

“There is no time to waste, send word to the frontline that Earl Aintorian is the new chief of staff of the Royal Army”

The king himself was undoubtedly the main culprit in bringing the country to this state, but he had ordered it as if the victory was his credit.

* * *

I became the new chief of staff of the Royal Army thanks to my merits in the recapture of Linon Castle, Hayna was dismissed.

I strove until the end to appeal to Ronen to punish me for my crime of not respecting orders. When I knelt down and admitted my guilt, Ronen decided not to charge me, saying it was the king’s order.

At last, I could move the entire army to fight against the Narja Kingdom with no one in my way!

My objective is to defeat the Narja Army as soon as possible, if I do that, I will have some time to spare. No matter what country it is, after a war is over, it takes time to start another war. This was because of the supplies and the need to recruit and train new troops.

In the history of the game, it took a year for the Narja Kingdom to launch another war after the Lunan Kingdom conquest.

The game began 1 year after the fall of Lunan Kingdom. In that time the Narja Kingdom had time to train a massive army of several hundred thousand strong. That’s why, after this war, I’ll have time to nurture my territory.

When I checked after the recapture of Linon Castle I discovered that the Ten Warlords of Narja didn’t participate in the war.

“Perhaps the Narja king is testing us. It’s a shame to have fallen to such an invading force, but I’m sure His Majesty will take this opportunity to prepare for war. The allies that have noticed Narja King’s ambition can be persuaded as long as we manage to overcome this crisis!”

When I asked Ronen the reason for this, he gave me this answer. Although it had been less than a year since his accession to the throne, the rumor that he was an ambitious king had already spread throughout the continent.

He attacked us without the Ten Warlords to test the power of the army he had been raising for a year. Of course, there didn’t seem to be any detailed intelligence on this. If they had that kind of intelligence, they would not have been defeated like this.

Even in the game, the Ten Warlords did not participate in Lunan Kingdom invasion. I have no way of knowing the reason for this now. Of course, the reason is not important. The only thing that matters is winning the war against the invading enemy army.

Without the ten warlords, the only one to watch out for is the enemy strategist! The enemy has lost 20,000 troops at Linon Castle, and there are only 50,000 troops left.

* * *

[Earned Experience List]

[Strategy Grade B x 2]

The strategy grade was B. It was a highly uncertain operation, if Duke Ronen hadn’t sent his troops; I wouldn’t have been able to retake the castle.

If I had retaken Linon Castle by myself without Duke Ronen’s help, I might have gotten a better grade, but that was a meaningless assumption because it was impossible to retake the castle without the participation of the Royal Army.

[You are now level 13.]

I leveled up twice.

[You have earned level-up points.]

[Points owned: 500.]

400 points were added to my remaining 100, now I can improve my martial force again.

[Do you want to enhance martial force? Cost: 300 points.]

[Martial force is now 62].

It’s important to go up one step at a time, even if it’s only a small step. The day when I reach 70 will come; I decided to keep my remaining 200 points.

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