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I was sold at the lowest price C201

I was sold at the lowest price C201: Loneliness


The remaining energy in the cockpit was about to run out and the few lights that were on began to flicker.

“I wish I could have talked to Yuta longer, but it looks like it’s time to go.”

“Feri, I will definitely deliver you to Rafishal.”

“Thank you very much. We’ll talk more leisurely next time.”

“Absolutely, I promise.”

It would be difficult to remove Feri once the lights in the cockpit were completely out, so I removed her core before that. It was about the size of a handball, so it would fit in a small backpack. I wrapped Feri’s core in a towel and stowed it in my backpack.

About five minutes later, the lights in the cockpit went out. When the darkness came I started to feel uneasy and scared.

I wondered what would happen to me. Wouldn’t I wander around in the current forever, and finally die of hunger? Before that, would I hit a rock so hard that my cockpit would be torn apart and I would be thrown outside to drown? Perhaps it was the fear of the unknown that made me think so many bad things.

No, no, no. Let’s think of something happy. I imagined a good memory.

I remembered that once I went to the movies with Yuki Shirayuki under the arrangement of my childhood friend Nagisa. Of course, it wasn’t just the two of us, and Nagisa was with us, but we had a great time that day…The real purpose of that day was to confess my feelings to Shirayuki, but that ended in failure. The three of us had so much fun together that I forgot to confess.

I researched in advance the movies that Yuki Shirayuki might like, and when Nagisa invited Yuki and made an appointment with her, she forced me to go with her, saying that I wanted to see that movie too.

Initially, after the movie, Nagisa was going to make an incomprehensible request to see the ocean. Then I would take her to a park with a view of the sea, saying I knew a good place, and Nagisa would go buy some juice, and while she was going somewhere else, I would confess……

But for some reason, Nagisa started saying that she wanted to go to karaoke instead. That made me nervous. I conveyed my anger with my eyes, but Shirayuki immediately agreed, so we went straight to karaoke. …… Well, we had a lot of fun and enjoyed it, so it was fine, but even after karaoke, Nagisa said she wanted to go to the game center.

The three of us went to the arcade as well. In the end, however, Nagisa didn’t say she wanted to go see the ocean that day, so my confession ended in failure.

What was that all about?……Now that I remember, Nagisa’s actions make no sense. And when you think about it, it’s not like Nagisa and Shirayuki were that close……how could they even make a promise to go see a movie together?

It was a lot of fun, but it’s kind of a blurry memory.

I wonder how Yuki Shirayuki is doing, I want to see her……and confess my feelings to her. I’m sure it’s not a good idea, but I want to tell her how I feel.

Remembering what happened in Japan, I wondered how the rest of my classmates were doing. I wonder what happened to Haranishi and the others who lost to me at the Coliseum, they seemed to have joined some weird team, but I wonder if they’re okay.

Horibe and Iwamura, who were in the Beast King mercenaries, were also hired by the destroyed Kirks, so maybe they’re in a lot of trouble…….As of now, the only classmates whose safety has been confirmed are Nagisa and Mamoru Mikage, who is in Meltaria.

I didn’t have time to think about it until now, but I’m still concerned about the current situation of my classmates. I hope they’re okay, but considering my current situation, I don’t think they’re all living in peace…….

While I was thinking about this, I started to feel sleepy, probably because I was in the dark. I closed my eyes and let myself fall asleep.

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