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An old hero who died after being betrayed by his beloved disciple comes back to life as the strongest demon king in history C8

An old hero who died after being betrayed by his beloved disciple comes back to life as the strongest demon king in history C8: Celebration Banquet



A roar echoed through the village square. In front of me, there was a dragon covered in black metallic armor.

I had come here after receiving news that a mechanical dragon – an autonomous type of miracle weapon – was attacking a village on the outskirts of the Demon King’s castle.

“I didn’t know there were still some that escaped my tracking magic.”

I fired about a hundred homing rays before, wiping out the autonomous Miracle Armaments. However, it seems that there was an individual I failed to kill, maybe because it has self-evolved.

“Master Freed, the villagers have been evacuated.”

Stella came to my side.

“Thank you for your help. Stay back, please.”

I told her, and I walked towards the dragon.

“All I have to do is get rid of this thing.”

“Giyi……demons, erase…..this world.”

The dragon said in a voice that sounded like creaking iron. The last time I saw an autonomous miracle weapon, it didn’t have the ability to talk, so I guess it’s a self-evolved individual.

“You’re going to disappear.”

I unleash a thunderbolt magic. The dazzling golden ball of light swallowed the huge body of the black dragon and… In an instant, it disappeared. With a huge explosion, a crater with a radius of several dozen meters was created.

“I tried to keep the power down, but it turned out pretty ugly…….”

I didn’t want to destroy too many buildings in the village.

“Oh, the Demon Lord has saved the village!”

“Thank you, Demon Lord!”

With shouts of joy, the villagers came running from their shelters.

“Wow, this is the Demon Lord’s advanced magic……!”

“What a powerful Mega Thunder!”

The villagers are thunderstruck at the sight of the crater. It’s not “Mega Thunder” by the way, it’s just “Thunder”.

“Well done, my Lord.”

As the villagers returned, Stella’s call went from ‘Lord Freed’ to Demon Lord.

“Defeat complete. Let’s go back, Stella.”

I turned my back on the villagers.

“Let’s get the rest of the paperwork done.”

“If I may, sir, I have a question.”

Stella came to my side and said.

“What is it?”

“The Demon Lord has been working very hard since the other day. I suggest you take some time off.”


It’s true that since I was reborn as the Demon King, I have been working all day every day. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m much stronger than I was when I was human, but I don’t really feel tired.

“How about we have a party?”

Stella suggested.

“A party?”

“It would be a combination of consolation for the Demon Lord and celebration for the victory over the heroes.”

“I see, that might be a good idea.”

“Then I’ll take care of all the details.”



In no time at all, Stella had set up the venue, arranged the food and entertainment, and selected the invitees. I wouldn’t have been able to do this.

“You’re really talented.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Stella bowed her head reverently at my words.

Three days later, we had a party at the Demon King’s Castle. Even though it was a party, it was not as formal as in the human world. It was a casual affair, like drinking with friends in a tavern in town. Various demon tribes, including ministers, nobles, guards, and residents of the neighborhood, gathered here and there to drink.

“Come on, Demon Lord, have a drink.”

Lilim, the captain of the castle guard, came over and poured me a drink.

“Oh, thank you.”

This is the first time I’ve ever had a drink from the demon world. The skull-shaped cup is a little creepy, though.

I removed the mask from my mouth. Stella had modified the mask for the feast, she is a very thoughtful aide.

“How about……?”

I stirred my cup.

“It works!”

The drink is sweet, yet rich in flavor. It soaks into my body comfortably and gives me a sweet feeling of elation. The sake of the demon world is also good, isn’t it? Even in the human world, it can be called first-class sake.

“It’s a top-quality item prepared for the Demon Lord.”

“Well, I’ll return the favor.”

This time, I poured it for Lilim.

“Oh, hi, I’m…….”

She’s already drunk, this one.

“Demon Lord, your performance the other day was really wonderful! I was so moved by it…….”

Besides, she’s not speaking clearly.

“Even though this is a casual conversation, we are dealing with the Demon Lord. Be moderate, Lilim.”

Stella came over and warned her.

“Oh, excuse me, Miss Stella.”

“……Watch your step.”

Sighing, Stella supports the wobbly Lilim.

“If you’re not feeling well, can I get you some water?”

“I’m feeling great. Come on, Stella, let’s go.”

Lilim poured Stella a drink.

“Hmm. Well, thank you for your time…….”

Stella’s face is glossy as she sips her cup and breathes lightly.

“Come on, one more.”


A small gasp escaped Stella’s lips, and she looked even more radiant. Her eyes were slightly downcast and her cheeks were slightly tinted.

“Hmm, my Lord.”

She rubbed up against me in a somewhat spoiled manner that was unlike her usual behavior.


“Don’t wear this horrible mask when you’re drinking……ugh.”

And then she stroked my mask with her hand.

“You’re the one who made me wear this.”

“Please let me see your real face.”

“No, that’s not good……It’s sliding off. The mask is sliding…….”


Stella mischievously grabs the edge of my mask and pulls it off. She’s so different from her usual cool demeanor. She has the innocence of a young girl.

“……Are you drunk, by any chance?”

“I’m not drunk.”

With a chuckle, Stella slumped against me.

“I’m pretty good at getting people drunk.”

“What’s wrong with your tone?”

“Let’s start with Lilim. First, the mollusk trick!”

“Captain, that’s something a slime should be able to do.”

“It’s even more crooked than usual, sir!”

Lilim was transforming into a slime, twisting and turning her body. It seems to be a banquet trick. It’s fun and lively.

“How dare you suddenly take over, Demon Lord.”

Suddenly, I heard a stinging murmur.


I looked around. In one corner of the hall, there were several beastly demons gathered. The expression on their faces as they glanced at me was rather grim.

“Ability Gear.”

I secretly cast a spell. It has the effect of amplifying the senses and motor skills in general. I limited its effect and only increased my hearing by several times. And what I heard was…

Hey, stop it. You don’t know who’s listening.”

“We’re just drinking, and I don’t think the new Demon Lord can stand up to the Beast Emperor Zegart.”

“Unlike the previous king, Yulisha, who was fierce, the new demon king seems to be moderate.”

“But I hear he’s a good fighter.”

“A foolish demon king…”

……He was swearing at me like crazy. I’m not a hot-blooded teenager, I don’t feel good about it, but I’ll let it pass…….I’m still a little pissed off, though.

“In fact, based on his ability, the next Demon Lord should be Zegart-sama.”

“Why would you join a demon tribe of unknown origin?”

“But he has the Demon Lord’s sigil on his hand.”

“Hmm, a coat of arms in the hands of an unworthy person….will eventually……”

“As planned, Master……Zegart is the new……King…….”

“After that, we’ll go to……for our regular meeting.”

Their voices became even quieter, and soon even my enhanced hearing could not understand them. No, they seemed to have ended the conversation.

“I’m curious about…….”

I don’t mind if they say bad things about me. However, their last words…I smelled a conspiracy.

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