I was sold at the lowest price C203

I was sold at the lowest price C203

I was sold at the lowest price C203: Cave


I don’t know how much time has passed. I already ate all the food I could carry and had very little water left. It was becoming more and more likely that I would dry up and die at this rate.

It had been bothering me for a while, but I could no longer hear the distinctive sound of the ocean current from outside, or feel the tremor of being swept away. Could it be that I had drifted somewhere? I hoped so, but I couldn’t be sure.

It would have been nice to have some idea of what was going on outside, but the monitor was dead and there were no lights, so I had to rely on sound to predict what was going on. I strained my ears to hear what was going on outside but there was no sign of movement. I knew I was going to die anyway, so I decided to go outside…….

I grabbed my backpack and prepared to escape. I groped around and pulled the lever to open the emergency escape hatch. When the hatch was opened, water came into the cockpit with great force. Oh no, I was in the water!

It was too late to regret it. The incoming water instantly filled the cockpit. At this rate, the danger of starving to death just turned into a certainty of drowning. I rushed outside.

As I stepped out of the cockpit and looked up, I saw a faint light. The light was dim, but I swam as hard as I could, hoping that there was air on the surface. I was just barely able to hold my breath when I reached the place where the light was coming from. As soon as I felt the sensation of jumping out of the water onto the airy ground, I took a big breath of air.

“Huh. Thank God…….”

Somehow I managed to avoid drowning.

I thought my life was no longer in danger, but I changed my mind when I looked around the place where I surfaced. It was in a cave or something, not on the ground. The pale light was the glow of the light moss that grew in many of the giant beast’s nests, disappointing my expectation that it was moonlight.

I have to find a way out…….I decided to search for a way out. I look around and locate a place where the passage seems to continue.

What is that…I looked and saw a strong light, like a dot. Maybe it’s the light of the exit. I started to walk towards it with hope.

As I got closer to the light, I heard some strange sounds. It sounded like the wind cutting through the air, but it seemed too sharp to be the sound of the wind. As I get closer, I notice that there is also a thumping sound on the ground.

Near the lantern, a man was swinging his sword with single-minded devotion. He was already close enough to be seen from the other side, but whether he didn’t care or was too engrossed to notice, there was no disturbance in his swinging movements. But still, it was an amazing sword move. Even as an amateur swordsman, I could see that his movements were outstanding, powerful yet quick, and each swing was so powerful that it reminded me of a killing blow.

Before I knew it, I was admiring his swordsmanship. There are people with excellent swordsmanship in the Iron Knights. Arthur seems to be a licensed swordsman of some school, and is said to be quite skilled, but the sword dance of the person in front of me was on a different level. His sword dance, which seemed to have reached the realm of art, caught my attention.

Nagisa also seems to be an expert in martial arts, which is unthinkable for someone of her age, but perhaps it’s youth, or perhaps my eyes are clouded when I look at him, but I feel a power that I cannot feel in Nagisa. I continued to watch him until he stopped swinging his sword, and I wondered how much time had passed. When the man stopped swinging his sword, he looked at me and said,

“I thought you were a demon, but you’re a man-child, and if you’re a man-child, you must be hungry. How about it, would you like to have dinner with me?”

He asked me if I wanted to eat, and remembering that I was in a state of extreme hunger I nodded. The man served me a hot pot dish. It was full of dried meat and vegetables, and quite tasty. I devoured it.

Once my hunger was satisfied, I wanted to know more about the man and listen to what he had to say.

“Why are you training your swordsmanship in a place like this?”

The man replies with a little laugh.

“When I swing my sword in my daily life, I suddenly lose track of what I’m swinging it for. I don’t know what I’m swinging the sword for, whether I need the sword in the first place, or what the sword is…At times like that, I try to make time to stay in here and just swing the sword.”

“If you swing your sword here, what does it tell you?”

“I realized that the sword is all I have.”

I couldn’t understand what the man was saying, but somehow it made sense. I found out from listening to him further that I would not be able to leave this cave for a while.

“I won’t be able to get out of here for another two months?”

“Yes, I’ve had the entrance blocked from the outside, so we won’t be able to get out from the inside.”

“How can that be…..?”

“What’s the point of being in here if there’s a way out?”

That’s true, but……two months……people are going to be worried.

“You never told me your name.”

“I’m Yuta.”

“I’m Veft. How about it, Yuta? I know you have two months of free time, so why don’t you learn how to use a sword from me? From the looks of it, you’re interested.”

I had been so impressed by Veft’s swordplay that I agreed to his proposal.

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    1. Well, they were waiting for it to be honest, they chose to help some guy release a threat that can destroy all humanity and then went back with him (THE OBVIOUS ENEMY) like it’s the most normal thing in the world even though they both could’ve just sides with the iron knights and hid with them!!

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