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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C37

I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C37: Talents Only I Can Recognize. Hidden gems (end)


Fran woke up; his head was throbbing with pain.

“Damn it…….”

The vassal who saved him knelt.


“Melt ……?”

The moment he saw Melt he understood why he had woken up in this place.

“Did you use the treasure of the Fran House?”

“I had no choice but to save master. I will accept any punishment!”

An ancient treasure trove that housed the mana formations that the Fran family had created over the past 1000 years, it contained powerful mana and each item had different characteristics.

“So…….That treasure has been destroyed?”

“Yes, I’m sorry!”

“That’s okay. You are not to blame. It’s my fault for not knowing what I was dealing with properly……And my army?”

“I’m sorry…….We were not sure when you would wake up, so we could not stay in the battlefield. Right now, we are in Roen territory along the border of Narja.”

Roen, the first territory Narja occupied in this war. From there, they advanced in the northern part of the Lunan Kingdom.


Fran gritted his teeth. It’s impossible for an army without a general to hold out against someone like Erhin.

“Order all troops to fall back! We should save at least a few soldiers.”

“Yes master.”

It was a complete defeat; I’ve lost in every way. Fran shuddered.

Aintorian Erhin. I never thought such a being existed in the Lunan Kingdom. Someone who could not only defeat my strategy, but also my mana formation!

“This time it’s…….If there’s a next time, be sure…….”

As he said this, Fran slammed his head against the wall.

* * *


(Aintorian territory)

Protagonist: Aintorian Erhin


Merja Haddin [Baron] – Commander

[Age: 45]

[Martial Force: 60]

[Intelligence: 57]

[Command: 70]


Bente – Centurion

[Age: 25]

[Martial Force: 49]

[Intelligence: 38]

[Command: 82]


Zint – Temporary Vassal

[Age: 21]

[Martial Force: 93]

[Intelligence: 41]

[Command: 52]


(Lunan Kingdom)

Ronen Bartak [Duke] – Supreme General

[Age: 57]

[Martial Force: 46]

[Intelligence: 69]

[Command: 75]


Berghin Hayna [Count] – Former Chief of Staff. Currently unemployed.

[Age: 27]

[Martial Force: 60]

[Intelligence: 81]

[Command: 55]


Yusen – Centurion

[Age: 39]

[Martial Force: 82]

[Intelligence: 69]

[Command: 90]


Givens – Yusen’s subordinate

[Age: 31]

[Martial Force: 70]

[Intelligence: 34]

[Command: 76]


Demasin Elheat [Earl] – Deputy General and First Warlord

[Age: 42]

[Martial Force: 96]

[Intelligence: 70]

[Command: 92]


(Narja Kingdom)

Fran Valdesca [Duke] – Head of the Fran Family

[Age: 28]

[Martial Force: 90]

[Intelligence: 96]

[Command: 90]

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2 years ago

Thank you for the chapter!
I am enjoying it, but let me ask, is going to improve? Is a little lacking, with all that “system” thing just feel like lazy from the author. Instead of proper fight scenes is just “i used attack and someone died” “I have more force points so i win”
Either way, than you for your work translating it.

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