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I was sold at the lowest price C205: Training


And so began the days of training with my father. He believed that a good night’s sleep was essential for the way of the sword, so I took a long sleep and started my day early. When we woke up, we started with a sword swing session to warm up, and after that, we had breakfast.

As I ate my breakfast, I thought that my father was planning to stay here alone, but now that I was here, he needed food for both of us. I asked him if he was worried about running out of food, but his answer was unexpected.

“Of course, we’ll run out.”

“Then maybe we should eat less!”

Breakfast is a very hearty meal when it comes to the energy of the day. Since I’m not going to be able to leave this place for two months, I think I’d better think about what I’m going to eat for a while…….

“I’ve brought a little more than enough for one person, and maybe by some miracle we’ll have enough.”

I think it will definitely not be enough if you brought a little more…….

After breakfast, it was time to practice mental concentration. It’s a kind of Japanese meditation where you sit relaxed and still without thinking about anything, but if you fall asleep, you will be punished. Sitting relaxed and doing nothing makes me unusually sleepy. If I try to hold it in, I can’t relax. The training is much harder than it looks.

After that, it was a simple physical training session. I was made to lift rocks, run, jump, and so on. It was quite tiring, but I didn’t mind it because I would rather move my body than meditate. The rock-climbing training was especially interesting, as it seemed a little dangerous.

In the afternoon, we had a light meal, followed by a full-blown sword training session. I crossed swords with my father using a wooden sword. He’s really strong, and even when I try really hard to hit him, he easily defeats me.

“It’s all well and good to strike frantically, but if you don’t watch your enemy’s every move, you’ll easily leave an opening. Like this.”

As he said this, he flicked my leg with his wooden sword. I lost my balance and fell down easily.


“It’s important to be competitive, but don’t let your opponent know it. Always keep your cool. Don’t show your weakness to your opponent.”

I stood up, hiding my expression. Then I caught my breath and readied my sword.

“Okay, good. Stay calm and always think one step ahead of your opponent!”

We crossed swords at this rate for about five hours. It was a very hard training, but it was a time I had never experienced before and I couldn’t help but enjoy it. After this, we ate dinner, but the old man started drinking while eating. He talked a lot about his life after he got drunk.

“What, old man, are you the leader of a mercenary group?”

“It’s called the Swordsmen. Have you heard of them?”

“Let’s see……I may or may not have heard of them.”

“I thought I was pretty famous, but I guess I’m not.”

“I’m a mercenary, too.”

“Oh, really? Which mercenary group?”

“The Iron Knights.”

“The Iron Knights, I’ve never heard of them, but then again, I’m not a big fan of that stuff to begin with, so it’s not surprising I don’t know.”

As we were both mercenaries, we had a lot in common, and my dad and I hit it off. I couldn’t drink much with him, but we had endless conversations.

“Alright, Yuta, become my son-in-law! Be my real son!”

He suddenly said that, probably because I was drunk.”

“Dad, do you have a daughter?”

“Yes, she’s beautiful! You’re going to love her. You’ll be my son-in-law!”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t. I have a girl I like.”

“You’re not engaged, are you?”

“No, that’s not what I’m saying.”

“Come on, I’ll introduce you to my daughter when we get out of here. You’ll love her when you see her!”

That day, he was persistent in offering me his daughter. Normally, not so much, but this old man is nasty when he’s drunk…….

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  1. [“Dad, do you have a daughter?”

    “Yes, she’s beautiful! You’re going to love her. You’ll be my son-in-law!”]

    man… in rl you know when that happens that is a lie…

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