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I was sold at the lowest price C206

I was sold at the lowest price C206: Growth


I could not keep up with him at all, but I was able to react to his movements a little better. The number of times I was pushed around decreased, and I could see signs of growth in my offense and defense.

“All right, that’s it. When you attack, set your own rhythm. On defense, do the opposite. Don’t let the opponent set the rhythm.”

I guess my father was trying to teach me something, so he would attack me at regular intervals with a simple pattern. When I was on the receiving end of an attack, I would change the timing of my response. I would further develop my mental image and feint as if I were receiving an attack, avoiding the attack and completely disrupting my opponent’s rhythm.

“Yes! Always keep it at your own pace! Don’t let your opponent set the pace!”

Of course, the old man would have dared me to fall for it, but I could feel the sensation of capturing the flow of the battle.

As the fight progresses at my own pace, it becomes easier to build up my attacks. I varied the target areas of my attacks: legs, arms, torso, and head, and the speed and timing of my attacks. Most of my attacks were blocked by him, but at the end, an attack on his leg from an irregular stance slightly touched his thigh.

This was the first time my sword had touched my father’s body, and I was really happy. He was just as happy as me.

“That was a good attack, especially the final blow. It was unexpected and unpredictable.”

“I almost managed to score one against you.”

“No, it’s ten years too early for that, but you have grown to the point where you can compete with the average swordsman.”

Damn, I guess I’m still not good enough for my father. I think he was daring me to take that blow.

I guess my father recognized my growth, but from that day on, the training became even more severe. I was beaten mercilessly with a wooden sword, and bruises began to appear all over my body.


“Think of that pain as the sensation of death! The more pain you feel, the more dead you are! Recognize this wooden sword as a real weapon!”

I didn’t want to be hurt either, so I tried my best to avoid being hit by the wooden sword. I tried to think of the wooden sword as if it was a real sword, as my father had said, and regained my composure.

“What, you had a dispute with the Elysian Empire?”

At dinner after my training, my father listened to my story over a drink and said.

“I didn’t want to get into trouble, but they had broken the seal on the giant beast, so I had no choice.”

“Giant beasts seal, that sounds like a fairy tale.” “What, you don’t believe me, old man?

“What, you don’t believe me, old man?”

“That’s not what I meant. You showed up on my doorstep, like in a story and told me that you fought with the Elysian empire to seal the giant beasts got me excited.”

“The Elysian Empire is a big country, right? Are you okay with having someone who has been in trouble with them as your apprentice?”

“It’s not that I’m okay with it, but they’re my enemies, so there’s no problem at all.”

“What do you mean enemies? Are you really at war with such a large country?”

“We’re mercenaries, so technically we’re on the side of a country that’s hostile to the Elysian Empire. We, the Swordsmen, have an ironclad rule of siding with the weaker side. So Elysia, who is said to be the strongest on the continent, will always be our enemy.”

“Why would you take the side of the weak?”

“The strong are on the side of the weak. The Swordsmen are strong. That’s why it’s natural for them to side with the weak.”

My dad says they’re strong, so they must be pretty strong. I’m sure the Iron Knights are strong too, but if they were to fight the Swordsmen, I wonder who would be stronger……

“Yuta, if your organization decides to seriously fight the Elysian Empire, talk to me. I’ll help you.”

“On the contrary, old man. If you have a hard time with the Elysia Empire, you should contact me. You can count on the Iron Knights.”

“Hahahaha…I see, then I’ll be counting on you in that case.”

The smile on his face must be because he is absolutely confident in the strength of his mercenary group. I couldn’t lose, either. I showed my confidence by laughing boldly with my father.

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