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I was sold at the lowest price C209

I was sold at the lowest price C209: Unexpected Reunion


A camp had been set up near the cave where we had practiced, probably waiting for father to come out. There was a large amount of food prepared for him, which my father and I devoured with great gusto, as we hadn’t eaten anything for three days.

“Kiyone, do you have any alcohol?”

The old man said, and Kiyone, frowning, retorted.

“There will be a military meeting immediately after the meal. Please refrain from drinking today.”

“Do you really think that my thoughts will be shaken by alcohol? Just bring it.”

“No, sir. I’ve told you before that drinking on the job is forbidden. That’s enough, Father.”

“Damn, you’re an inflexible girl. That’s why you’re still single even though you’re 20 years old.”

“I have no intention of getting married, so it’s no problem.”

Despite the arguments between father and daughter, dad and I didn’t stop eating. It’s been a while since we’ve had a proper meal, but this food is surprisingly delicious. What’s more, I feel nostalgic. Maybe it’s because the seasoning is similar to Japanese food……

“Dad, it’s really good, it’s just like my country’s “meat and potatoes” dish, but what’s it called?”

“It’s just ‘meat and potatoes’. If it’s in my country, does that mean you’re Japanese?”

Kiyone was a little surprised to hear that. I was just as surprised as Kiyone was, but I answered her question first.

“I’m Japanese. I’ve been transported to this world.”

Kiyone’s expression changes as I say this. She stopped speaking and indulged her thoughts in a strange way. The old man explained her feelings on Kiyone’s behalf.

“Her mother is Japanese, but she died in an epidemic five years ago, so she’s probably remembering that.”

Oh, so that’s why Kiyone has a Japanese name…I thought about it, but didn’t say it out loud because I thought it would be rude.

“Yes, there is a Japanese member in the Sword Clan. He’s close to Yuta in age, maybe you know him.”

“I think it’s a coincidence.”

That’s what I thought, but the person who appeared was a classmate I never expected.

“No way! It’s Yuta! I’m surprised you’re still alive!”

The one who showed up was Teppei Kiyama, a former member of the baseball team. We weren’t that close, but we were both happy to see each other again unexpectedly.

“I’m glad to see Teppei is doing well.”

“In this world, if you have a high Ludia value, you’ll be treated well wherever you go, so it’s easy. But that’s not the point, it’s Yuta. You’re a garbage number with a Ludia value of 2. I heard you became a slave and was worried about you.”

Teppei speaks so happily that I wonder if he was really worried about me.

“No, that Ludia value of two is wrong…”

“It was wrong…….So what’s your real Ludia value, 100? 200? No, it was an ironclad laughingstock, so let me get this straight. On the other hand, if it was 1, it would be even more exciting. Please, Yuta, tell me quickly!”

I was thinking of getting a little angry, but my dad snapped before I could.

“Teppei! What are you learning under Scarfi? Don’t be fooled by numbers like Ludia! The Veft Style is based on the unity of mind and technique! You haven’t developed your mind at all!”

“Shh, but, big sir! This guy is ……”

“Shut up! I won’t allow anyone to taunt my beloved disciple!”

“My……disciple! Yuta is the grand master’s disciple…….”

“Just go back! You’re making my food taste bad!”

After being told that, Teppei left the place as fast as he could.

“I’m sorry, Yuta. I’m sorry I offended you.”

“No, I’m just relieved that my dad said what I wanted him to say.”

Dad and I laughed as we continued to eat, but Kiyone advised dad with a straight face,

“Father, there is no doubt that Teppei is also your grand-disciple. There is a lot of frustration among Scarfi’s disciples that father doesn’t give them direct guidance, and I don’t know what they would think if you scolded them like that.”

“I’m not my grandson’s disciple’s drummer, what’s wrong with saying wrong is wrong!”

Thus, the argument between Dad and Kiyone reheated. I was forced to enjoy the taste of my hometown food with it as background music.

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