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An old hero who died after being betrayed by his beloved disciple comes back to life as the strongest demon king in history C11

An old hero who died after being betrayed by his beloved disciple comes back to life as the strongest demon king in history C11: Demon King VS Immortal King


I was facing Regal, who had drawn his sword.

“Regal, what are you doing!”

“Why are you surprised? I’ve always used my own sword to see what’s important. That’s it.”

Regal says to Stella, who raises her voice.

So you’re a warrior at heart, huh? I have mixed feelings about the fact that he destroyed three kingdoms in the human world, but… For now, let’s focus on fighting.

“Stella, it’s okay. Just stay back.”

“But, Demon Lord…”

“I guess this is Regal’s way of talking.”

“Yes, it is. Because I will strike you dead.”

Regal held up a long sword with a design that looked like a combination of countless bones. His seamless stance was as good as it gets.

“Come on.”

“I’m coming!”

Regal announces, kicking the floor. I can’t believe he’s wearing heavy metal armor, but he’s so fast. I’m sure he’s trying to close the gap between us so he can fight me at close range.

“Energy Drain.”

But then, a pale white light began to leak from Regal’s body. As soon as I touched the light, the power drained from my body. Is this Energy Drain? This is a life force absorption spell used by demons of the immortal type.

“I didn’t think you’d not take me seriously. You’re too defenseless.”

“It’s not a problem if I get hit.”

I put up a magic barrier and told him.

It’s only a spell. It can’t penetrate my magic defense. But it took more energy than I thought.

“Then this will…”

Regal accelerated further and slammed his bone sword at me. A metallic clang sounded, and Regal’s slash was easily rebounded.

“It’s useless. Neither physical nor magical will penetrate my barrier.”

I defend myself and release an attack spell but Regal’s reaction is sharp. Flames, lightning, water currents, and earthen spears. With a single sword, he blasts them all away.

“Let’s just repeat what you just said. No magic can stand against my sword.”


I couldn’t help but let out a sigh of admiration. As expected of a demon warlord. In addition to his swordplay and current reactions, he also controls spells like energy drain, making him an extremely troublesome warrior to deal with.

If it was just simple combat power, he might even surpass the previous king, Yulisha. Why did such a Regal approve of Yulisha? I think the strength that this guy is referring to does not refer to just personal fighting ability. If that’s the case, what kind of “strength” should I show?

If I can get him to recognize me, will Regal become a loyal servant of the Demon King? He’ll be one of the key players in the defense of the demon world…

“Why aren’t you attacking us, Master Freed?”

The sharpness of Regal’s slash increased. Although it couldn’t break my magic barrier, a shockwave blew up with each swing of the sword. The walls of the mansion shattered and blew away.

“I have no reason to harm my subjects. I just want to assess your power, just like you’re trying to assess me.”

“You don’t want to hurt me. That’s kind.”

Regal’s voice was laced with a slight sneer.

“If it was Lady Yulisha, she would have attacked me with the intention of killing me.”

“……I’m not like the last king.”

“Yes, you are too…lukewarm!”

Regal’s arms suddenly disappeared. A deadly presence appeared behind me. When I turned around, there was an arm with only bones and a longsword. Taking advantage of his skeletal body, he separated his arms and sent them flying behind me!


The long sword with the glow of magic power attacked. There was a cracking sound, and a crack appeared in the magic barrier.


I turned around, released the barrier, and unleashed a fireball. Both his arms and his bone sword were burned and melted in an instant. I unleash Fire one again – this time at Regal, who has lost his arms.


The skull swordsman backsteps and instantly regenerates both arms and a bone sword. He easily cut down the oncoming fireball.

“Why did you use the lowest level spell? You could have slaughtered me with a more powerful spell.”

Even if you say so, the Demon Lord’s power is too powerful. If I fail to control the power of Fire, it may cause damage to the surroundings.

“To go easy on me is to taunt……me, Master Freed!”

However, it seemed to have ignited Regal’s anger. Perhaps it was his warrior nature, but he didn’t like the fact that I was saving my strength.

“You are strong……but too soft.”

Regal lunged forward again and swung his sword. How am I supposed to fight? While hesitating, I deployed the magic barrier again, it easily repelled Regal slashes.

“The ironclad rule of battle is to kill before you are killed…I have lived on such battlefields for thousands of years.”

Regal doesn’t flinch. No matter how many times his attacks are blocked, he never gives up. Even though he understands the difference in strength, he still has a great fighting spirit.

“So is the current state of the demon world. You have immense fighting ability. I can tell just by your presence. Probably, compared to Yulisha-sama and the previous demon kings, you have a power that’s way above them.”

Six strikes, the tip of the sword was almost dented. The magic barrier cracked again. He’s good, this guy…

“So why don’t you attack the human world? Even if it’s just you, you can destroy the humans!”

“It will only create a cycle of killing each other. I’d like to stop that.”

The Demon Lord’s power is too strong. If I were to start a war in the human world now, I would cause a lot of damage before I could reach peace or a truce.

“I’m telling you, that’s naive!”

Regal swung his long sword. The sword, which looks like it is made of bones, is coated with purple magic power. He was going to unleash a full force attack.

“Energy Hand.”

Aiming for that momentary gap, I created a Magic Hand and caught Regal.

“Damn, this is…….”

I broke through the roof of the house and pulled him up to about twenty meters in the air.

“Fire Arrow.”

Then I shoot an arrow of fire. It is a flame spell that is one rank above the lowest level spell – although it is powerful enough to wipe out a mountain.


Regal’s body exploded with a bitter cry. Countless bones fell and scattered on the ground. Nevertheless, the skull swordsman still regenerated back to normal.

“I told you that you’re soft…….I am undead, and unless I disappear completely……I will be reborn again and again.”

Yeah, I know. I’ve been using less power so you can regenerate.

“Then I need you to make up for that softness.”

I looked at Regal. My gaze through the mask and the red light striking the skull’s eye sockets collide, causing small sparks to fly.

“Fight for me, Regal.”

I raised my right hand toward the sky. I could see the black sky through the hole left by our earlier exchange. The sky of the demon world, where there is no sunlight at all. The sky symbolizes the dark anxiety that surrounds the entire demon world.


Towards the heavens, I release the Demon King’s most powerful flame spell.

“This is…”

I could see Regal gasp. Crimson light filled the black sky. There was no such thing as sunshine in the demon world, but the sky was filled with a radiance even more dazzling than the sun.

“This is Master Freed’s……power. This is how much magic you have…”

Regal murmured, looking up at the red sky.

“……I still cannot see your limit.”

Turning to me, the skull swordsman took a small breath.

“Let’s admit that you are indeed capable of detachment. I can also feel the strength of your will. However, it is still naive to think that…”

“Then from now on, you’ll serve by my side. We can withhold judgment for now, right?”

“……King, you are.”

“If you still think I’m not fit to be king, then come and challenge me again. I’ll take you up on it.”

Regal pondered for a moment.

“Now I offer……my sword to you, Demon Lord Freed.”

He knelt at my feet and bowed profoundly. He seemed to approve of me a little.


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