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When the meal was over, dad headed for the Swordsmen’s flagship, a ride carrier named “Musashi”, to hold a military meeting on urgent business.

“Yuta, I’ll send someone to show you around the Sword Clan. Kiyone, get one of your disciples to accompany Yuta.”

Kiyone let out a deep sigh and arranged for one of her disciples to help me.

“I am Brunnhilde. I’ve been asked by my master to show you around.”

The one who introduced herself as Brunnhilde was a girl about the same age as Nanami, with short blonde hair and wearing a kimono-like outfit similar to Kiyone’s. She looked cute, with an imbalance between her Japanese taste and her Western face.

“Nice to meet you, Brunnhilde.”

I greeted her with a smile, but she just gave me a blank look. I don’t know if it’s because she’s unsociable, shy, or just doesn’t like me, but I feel an invisible wall between her and me.

The Sword Clan owned three ride carriers. The largest was the flagship Musashi, a large ship capable of storing 25 magicrafts. The next largest is the Bokuden, which has a 22-machine capacity. This is also a large ship, not as large as the Musashi, but large enough, and looking at the number of ballistae, it looks like it has a lot of firepower. The other ship, is Kagehisa, with 20 guns, more guns than any other ship, the Sword Clan wanted their ride carriers to have a lot of firepower. Even Fugaku might not last long under the concentrated fire of these three ships…….

First, I was shown Kagehisa hangar. Brunnhilde dutifully described the magicrafts, one by one. The most eye-catching among them was the indigo-colored machine, whose sleek yet powerful form stood out from the rest of the magicrafts.

This is the Sword Breaker, the favorite machine of Diablo, the captain of the Kagehisa squad, who is Scarfi-sama’s top disciple. It’s dedicated to the Double Highlander, and is one of the five most powerful machines in the Swordsmen.”

A double Highlander, like Alana and Emina……who would be stronger if they fought Alana and the others?

After taking a look around Kagehisa, we moved on to Bokuden. The moment we entered Bokuden’s hangar, we saw a red aircraft with a strong presence. It was even more intimidating than the Sword Breaker I had just seen.

“This is Arondite, the magicraft of one of the Twelve Heavenly Masters, the Sword King Scarfi. It’s a special machine for Quadruple Highlander, and it boasts one of the strongest machines on the continent.”

“The Twelve Heavenly Masters are…….”

“What are you surprised about? Didn’t you know that Lord Scarfi was one of the Twelve Heavenly Masters?”

“Wait a minute, Scarfi is father’s disciple, so does that mean father is above the Twelve Heavenly Masters?”

“Grand Master….is also one of the Twelve Heavenly Masters. Furthermore, my master, Lord Kiyone, is also a Heavenly Master.”

“No way, there are three of the Twelve Heavenly Masters in the Sword Clan!”

“I’m surprised that there are people who don’t know the three heroes of the Sword Clan. Moreover, I can understand why Master……is lamenting that you are now a disciple of Grand Master.”

Brunnhilde muttered.

“Hey, Brunnhilde! Why are you wandering around Master’s magicraft?”

Several of the nearby members of the Sword Clan shouted as they approached us.

“Mr. Modred, this is Yuta, who has become Grand Master’s apprentice, I am merely guiding him around the Sword Clan master orders.”

“I’m not sure if you’re a disciple of the Great Teacher or what, but this is Scarfi’s ship, so if you’re not involved, don’t come in!”

“I’m a disciple of the……Great Teacher.”

“I don’t care if you’re a great teacher disciple! Brunnhilde, you’re the same! This is the ride carrier of the Scarfi division! The Kiyone clan is forbidden to enter!”

Brunnhilde tried to say something back, but when the members of the group gathered around us because of the commotion and surrounded us, she felt the atmosphere and chose to leave without saying anything.

“Let’s go, Yuta. There’s no point in saying anything to them.”

I agreed with her, but I was worried that the inner workings of the Sword Clan were not going so well.

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