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I was sold at the lowest price C211

I was sold at the lowest price C211: Famous Sword


After being kicked out of Bokuden, Brunnhilde and I headed to Musashi, the flagship of the Sword Clan.

“Do Scarfi and Kiyone’s apprentice not get along?”

Unable to stand moving in silence, I asked Brunnhilde about what had just happened.

“There’s nothing wrong with it. But some disciples have a strange rivalry with each other. The second disciple of Mr. Scarfi, Mr. Modred, is the first one.”

It seems to me that the problem is that there are so many people who need to be trained by the Sword Masters, or that there is definitely an environment that creates strange factions. If the old man was in charge of everything and took care of everyone, there would be no problem, but he’s not that type of man…….

I heard that the magicraft squadron of Musashi is made up of Kiyone’s disciples. The number of riders is 20, and the maximum number of magicrafts on Musashi is 25, so there is still room for more. Bokuden and Kagehisa are made up of Scarfi’s disciples, and together they have 42 riders. In terms of simple numbers, Scarfi has more than twice as many riders.

When I entered Musashi’s hangar, unlike Bokuden and Kagehisa, the staff welcomed me with a smile.

“Brunnhilde, are you dating a guy while the masters are away on military business?”

“This man is a disciple of the Grand Master, and I’ m just showing him around the Sword Clan.”

“I heard that the Grand Master took a new disciple, I guess it’s true. Grand Master hated taking on disciples, but now that he’s accepted him, he must be a real talent.”

Musashi’s crew was all good-natured and proudly introduced the magicrafts they were maintaining themselves.

“This is the Grand Master’s magicraft, Excalibur. It’s one of only two working Quintuple Highlander machines on the continent. I’m a lucky man just to be able to touch it.”

It seems that my dad is a Quintuple, a class of rider I’ve never heard of. Well, I knew he was no ordinary person, so I wasn’t surprised. Excalibur was a white magicraft, just like Arleo. Moreover, the appearance was so similar that one might wonder if the designer was the same.

“This one is Master Kiyone’s favorite, Kiku Ichimonji. It’s a special machine for Quadruple Highlanders, and it’s famous for its nickname, Gale of Thunder.”

Kiku Ichimonji……is a name I’ve heard somewhere. It was a beautiful black metallic magicraft with a slim body, but with a sense of power.

“Yuta-san, I will also show you my magicraft.”

Brunnhilde said, and took me to the back. There it was, a bright vermilion-colored machine, and from its appearance, it didn’t look like an ordinary magicraft.

“This is the magicraft “Onimaru Kunitsuna”. Everyone calls it Onimaru. It’s a dedicated Triple Highlander machine, and it’s as powerful as Master Kiyone’s Kiku Ichimonji.”

Since I had already heard the names of the Quadruple Highlander and Quintuple Highlander, which are classes I don’t hear very often, I wasn’t too surprised to hear Triple Highlander. Perhaps dissatisfied with this, Brunnhilde added.

“Even though I look like this, I’m Master Kiyone’s number one disciple. I’m one of the five strongest in the Sword Clan.”

“You’re young for a first apprentice, aren’t you?”

When I expressed my honest impression, Brünnhilde’s words came out in surprise.

“People often look at me like I’m young, but I’m twenty years old.”

“Really? I thought you were at most twelve to fourteen!”

Nanami doesn’t look very 14 years old either, but this is more shocking. I was even more curious about something, so I asked her about it.

“Dad said Kiyone is twenty years old too, how can you be the same age as your master?”

“We were friends growing up, but when I saw her learning the sword, I wanted to learn too…….At first, I applied to become an apprentice to Grand Master, but he turned me down, and recommended that I become an apprentice to Master Kiyone instead. At that time, Master Kiyone had already become a master that no ordinary swordsman could compete with, so I did as he asked and became her apprentice.”

What a complicated relationship, from friend to student…….

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