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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C42

I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up C42: Things you can obtain in someone else’s territory (5)


The king of Roserun, Roserun the Great, was blackmailed by Bridget Kingdom emissaries.

“Your Majesty, will you obey the Imperial Order?”

“……I will not surrender!”

Barely fourteen years old, the young king shouted with all his might, but the envoy replied with a grin.

“Oh, I see. But do you think you can defend your country? Wouldn’t it be better for you to surrender and enjoy the rest of your life in peace, instead of risking death?”

His tone was arrogant, but no nobleman was repulsed. They were only afraid of the Bridget Kingdom.

“It is my duty as the king to protect the land and people of Roserun ……I will not surrender. Go back before I cut off your head!”

He was obviously trembling, but only a young king could think for the good of his country.

“Then everyone in the Kingdom of Roserun will be slaves. And you still don’t regret it?”

“If we surrender, will our people not be enslaved?”

At the king’s words, the envoy smiled and began to speak.

“Have you not read the royal decree? It guarantees the lives of the king and his family.”

This also meant that no other guarantees would be made.

“Then we can’t surrender even more! Get out of here now!”

The king shouted again, and the envoy shook his head.

“Your Majesty has now made the worst possible choice. The people may think that they would rather be slaves than die.”

In fact, the visit itself was more aimed at dividing the king, the nobles and the people than surrendering.


After the emissary left the Roserun Kingdom was thrown into chaos.

“I’ve thought about it and I think we should surrender. It’s the only way to survive!”

Count Shala of Roserun exclaimed.

“Outrageous! Have you forgotten the past when the King of Bridget slaughtered his own people? How can we be safe if we surrender to that madman?”

When the Marquis de Bruxla rebutted, Earl Shala shouted even louder.

“We, the nobility, may surrender if we are promised the treatment of the nobility.”

Count Shala said that he didn’t care if the people were enslaved or not. The Marquis of Bruxla shook his head.

“Where can we get such a guarantee? There have been many times in history when surrendered country nobles were purged. It’s better to run away and go to Lunan.”

The young king just looked as if he was about to cry in the midst of the pathetic conversation of the nobles. Duke of Lucheek, who had been watching silently, opened his mouth.

“What are you making such a fuss about? The queen, Lady Sedalia, is the daughter of the Lunan King. Besides, Lunan is our ally, and we even pay them tribute. We can call for reinforcements!”

Count Shala shook his head at those words and said.

“However, the Lunan Kingdom is not in a very good situation due to the war with the Narja Kingdom…….”

“We have the trust of our allies and you think we’d abandon them just because things aren’t looking good!”

Then the Marquis of Bruxla raised his voice in agreement with the Duke of Lucheek.

“I have no worries as long as we have the help of the Lunan Kingdom, which even defeated the Narja Kingdom. If we can’t receive reinforcements or lose, we can just run away then!”

Then the other nobles began to make a fuss about it being the best choice.

“Your Majesty, if I may? Send an envoy to Lunan immediately!”

“But, but, who should I send……?

“Isn’t there only one person who can handle such an important job?”

“……my sister?”

“Who else could it be?”

The nobles all nodded in agreement.

* * *

Yurasia Roserun, the first princess of the Roserun Kingdom. She was the first of three children left behind by the previous king of Roserun.

“Is there a reason why Bridget Kingdom is suddenly threatening Roserun?”

When Yurasia arrived at the royal capital after crossing the border, she asked Count Battin, a nobleman of the Roserun Kingdom and resident diplomat of the Lunan Kingdom, who welcomed her.

“It is the assessment of the Bridget Kingdom that the recent major war with the Narja Kingdom has weakened the Lunan Kingdom.”

“So you’re saying that our ally and friend, the Lunan Kingdom, can’t afford to help us?”

“Indeed, Your Highness.”

“Just as I thought.”

Yurasia clenched her fists at Battin’s words.

I wonder if that’s really true. Did the Lunan Kingdom become so weak that they can’t help us?

Battin shook his head at Yurasia’s question.

“The southern territories of the kingdom could not even participate in the war during this time, that’s how fast the Lunan Kingdom army marched to Linon Castle, so there is a surplus of power…….If only they could send a decent commander…….Well, if Roserun troops and Lunan troops are combined the number of troops will certainly be greater than Bridget’s.”

After hearing the information from Battin, Yurasia immediately visited the royal palace and knelt in front of the throne.

“Your Majesty, the Bridget Kingdom is attempting to invade Roserun. Unfortunately, the forces of my kingdom are not a match for them. I ask this from the standpoint of my brother’s country, your ally. Could you please send reinforcements to your long-time ally, Roserun?”

Of course, the King of Lunan frowned when he heard this. It was something he was not at all comfortable with.

“Sedalia asked you to do this? If it’s too dangerous for her, she should just run.”

Duke Ronen agreed with the king’s words.

“We are in a situation where we need to keep the Narja Kingdom in check, and the damage caused by the recent war is also significant. I’m sorry to hear about our ally’s war, but the Lunan Kingdom doesn’t have that kind of power right now.”

It was different from what Battin had said, but it was natural. Ronen had no intention of consuming his troops in a war that would be meaningless even if he had power to spare.

“I’m sorry, but we are still at war with those atrocious Narja people. It will be difficult to provide reinforcements under such circumstances.”

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