I was sold at the lowest price C212

I was sold at the lowest price C212

I was sold at the lowest price C212: Namakra


After the meeting, father came over to me with a few people and introduced one person to me.

“Yuta, this is my first disciple, Scarfi. Hey, Scarfi, this is your brother disciple Yuta I was telling you about.”

The man called Scarfi was smarter and gentler than I had imagined, far from the image of a swordsman. His long silver hair was impressive, and his sharp eyes gave him the air of a master swordsman.

“I never thought I’d have an apprentice brother. Yuta, I’m Scarfi. If there is anything I can do for you please let me know.”

He looked like he was glaring at me when he approached me, but that expression fell away before he spoke, and he talked with a smile. I hadn’t expected such a good impression from Scarfi’s disciple’s attitude earlier, so I was relieved by his kind behavior.

“So, Yuta’s magicrafts, do you have any good ones?”

“The surplus magicraft was given to one of Scarfi’s disciples last month, so we don’t have it now.”

Kiyone immediately informs her father of the current situation.

“Kiyone, what are you saying? There’s still one magicraft left on Bokuden, Yuta can use that one.”

Kiyone’s expression immediately changed as she countered those words.

“The magicraft in Bokuden? Scarfi, could it be that you are talking about “Namakra”? That is a training machine for inexperienced people, not a magicraft that can be used in actual battle.”

“What are you talking about, Kiyone? Yuta is the man that Sword Saint Veft recognized. Moreover, as a person who was directly trained by a master for two months in the cave, he will be able to fully demonstrate his power in Namakra.”

The expression on Scarfi’s face when he said that was somewhat scary. The smile on his face made me feel even more scared. The old man listened to Kiyone and Scarfi’s opinions and asked me this.

“Namakra is an ordinary machine with the performance of a civil engineering magicraft with a startup Ludia value of 1000. If you don’t like it, I’ll buy you a decent plane, what do you say?”

I feel bad about making him buy a magicraft just to help me with one job. Besides, I felt that there was an implication when father asked me that.

“What’s your real intention, dad? Won’t that Namakra hinder me from finishing my training?”

“Swordsmen don’t always wield the best swords. Sometimes you can fight the enemy with just a piece of stick. As a swordsman’s group, we don’t expect you to be able to fight. If you want to train as an apprentice and help, Namakra will suffice.”

“Well, then lend me that Namakra. I’ll be more use to you on that magicraft than anyone else, so watch me”

When I replied that, the old man laughed gaily. Kiyone let out a sigh and Scarfi stared at me with a subtle expression.

Namakra was a more battered magicraft than I imagined. Its size was smaller than normal, its arms were thin, and its legs were flimsy. It obviously had no power, and its armor was probably as thin as paper. But strangely enough, I was not worried. Perhaps it was the result of my sword training with father, but before I could worry, I was thinking positively about how to fight with it.

The weak armor would only be a problem if I get hit, and the lack of power would be covered by my spirit. The only questions were whether or not it had the strength to hold the sword, and whether or not it would fall apart just by walking.

“It’s not too late. Yuta, please tell father to prepare another magicraft.”

“No, it’s really good. I’ll fight on this.”

“It’s not always possible to follow you on the battlefield, you know! It’s too late to regret it after you’ve been taken down!”

“Don’t worry, I’m going to fight to be useful in the first place, so you don’t need to follow me. I won’t slow you down, so just look at me as a normal fighter.”

Kiyone, who was worried about me until the very end, seems to have given up since I won’t break. Instead, she’s giving some instructions to Brunnhilde. Maybe she’s telling her to keep an eye on me during the battle.

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