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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C67

I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C67: Phantom Thief Shadow Elimination Plan (5)



Shadow rolled on the ground and escaped from the oncoming blade.  The tip of the sword passed through the silver mask that he was wearing on his face.

“Big tit lovers, kill!”

Matilda gave chase to Shadow, who was rolling on the ground. She held her sword at the upper level and swung down without hesitation.

“Damn you, thief!”

Shadow immediately activated his original magic. Matilda’s sword caught Shadow’s body, but it passed through it and pierced the ground.

“So that’s what they call wall-penetrating magic! Very interesting!…………But…”

“Activate Sword of Killing Sexually Harassing Men!”


The sword in Matilda’s hand emitted a white light. The light shining through the dark night like the morning sun sent chills down Shadow’s spine.

”I’m sure you’re aware of that. Your magic can’t prevent attacks from the ‘holy’ attribute, which has special attacks against ghosts and the like. Isn’t that right?”

“……You’re a disgusting old man. You’re not just interested in women’s skin, you’re interested in men’s bodies too!”

“It doesn’t matter what sex you are as long as you are a good test subject!”

“Never, ever look at a woman’s skin. I’ll kill you a thousand times.”


Shadow rolled around on the ground and dodged the sword of light. He managed to regain his posture and jumped into the window of the mansion.  The [Phantom Thief] was still activated but he’s not sure if he could enter the mansion without breaking the window.

“It’s fine to run away, but I’m not in the house. You’ll have to do your best to escape.”

“Oh, shut up, old man! I’ll remember you!”

Shadow shouted back at the ridiculous voice and ran away down the hallway.

“Perverts everywhere, perverts everywhere……”

The sound of a wall being torn down is heard behind him. Matilda, who has turned into a horror movie monster, steps into the mansion.

“This is even worse than I imagined! I wasn’t expecting horror-type thrills!”

She ran around the house screaming and yelling. Shadow’s life-threatening game of tag had begun.

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