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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C69

I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C69: Phantom Thief Shadow Elimination Plan (7)


Matilda’s sword was closing in on Shadow’s head. Just before his head was about to be cut in half, Shadow immediately activated his magic.


Shadow activates his magic but Matilda’s sword, which has holy attributes, cannot be passed through by the power of [Thief].


However, Shadow slipped through the floor of the mansion and escaped downstairs. Fortunately, it seems that the mansion had a basement.

“…..There’s no creature more terrifying than women.”

Shadow breathed a sigh of relief this time. She would find this place sooner or later, but for now, it was a relief.

“I feel like I’m playing tag with Jason. If I don’t end this soon, she’s going to tear me apart for real.”

I wonder if there is any way to subdue Matilda with as little harm as possible.

“Do you have any weaknesses……?”

Shadow looked around the basement. The room was a wine cellar, with a large number of barrels filled with wine.

“……Let’s give it a try.”

“Come on out!”

Shadow came up with a strange idea. At the same time, there was a creaking sound of wood and Matilda’s voice could be heard. It seems she has come down the basement stairs.

“……will it work?”

“It’s here!”

Bang, the door to the basement is opened. The figure of Matilda, the killing machine, appears.

“Third Rank Magic [Telekinesis]!”

Shadow lifts one of the barrels of liquor with his magic and throws it at Matilda.

“Hahahahahaha! Pervert die!”

Matilda sliced through the wine barrel with a single swing of her sword. The spattered wine poured down on Matilda’s body like blood.

“Telekinesis, telekinesis, telekinesis!”

Without pausing, Shadow continued to throw the wine barrels. Like a pillow toss, the barrels fly into the air and attack Matilda.

“Ahahahahaha! It doesn’t work! It doesn’t work!”

Matilda laughs and continues to cut the wine barrels. Her whole body is dyed red with wine and she is laughing like a murderer. Despite the nightmarish scene, Shadow does not run away and confronts her.

“Is it the end already? It’s the end, right? Then it’s okay, right? It’s okay if I kill you, right?”

“Of course not! 4th Rank Magic [Wind Storm Rampant Dance]!”

A tornado-like storm rages around Matilda. The narrow basement is destroyed by the violent storm, walls tear down and ceilings collapse.


“Damn it……!”

Matilda rushed straight at Shadow, even though she was being whipped around by the violent wind. The rubble from the crumbling ceiling rained down and the two people were about to be hit.

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