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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C70

I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C70: Phantom Thief Shadow Elimination Plan (8)


A storm rages in the basement and the mansion owned by Rowdy Sandalon collapses. Everything turned into a pile of rubble, and the mansion was a sight to behold.

“Hmmm, one of the……houses has gone to waste. Oh well. It’s just that one of the flasks I use for experiments broke.”

Even though he saw his mansion collapse, the three-dimensional image of Rowdy did not seem distraught.

“It’s a good thing we got rid of the man. But what happened to the…… guinea pigs?”

Not only the enemy, Shadow, but also Matilda, whom he had kidnapped and modified, were guinea pigs to Rowdy. For the old mad scientist, there was no sense of guilt for sacrificing the poor woman.

“Using people as guinea pigs is in bad taste. You’ll die in a horrible way, grandpa.”

“Oh, you’re alive.”

A person wearing a silver mask appeared from the pile of rubble. His black clothes were completely soiled by the debris, but he seemed to have no noticeable injuries.

“The fact that you are alive is……”


Matilda appeared, blowing away the debris with great fanfare. She too, of course, was unharmed.

“Ho, ho, ho, the experiment continues! Now, let’s get on with it, shall we?”

“No, I’m done.”

To the smiling old man, Shadow said firmly. The old man’s eyebrows furrowed at the words of the arrogant thief.

“What? Matilda is still…….”

“Ha, ha, ha……ha, ha ……ha…….”

Matilda was standing in the wreckage of the house, but she slumped and fell down.

“What happened to……?”

“It’s time for you to sleep, young lady. Don’t shout or you’ll wake her up.”

Shadow said in a goofy tone as he walked over to Matilda on the ground.

“I can’t drink anymore…….”

Matilda’s skin is bright red, she looks like a drunkard, mumbling to herself with a happy face.

“How did you get her to drink? How did you….”

“I didn’t do much. I just poured a whole keg of liquor over her, and shook it with a mixer.”

As a result of being literally drenched in grape wine, Matilda was passed out in a drunken stupor. It’s not as if a person wearing magic equipment would be strong against alcohol, no matter how high the magic resistance of the equipment. She may have been prepared for poisoning or paralysis, but as expected, no countermeasures against alcohol were taken.

“If Matilda-chan had been a drunkard, it would have been over.”

“This is a stupid…..way to get my work to……”

Rowdy was trembling and stood there stunned. Shadow hugged Matilda’s plump body and touched her skin in a tender way. It was obviously an obscene act, but it was not a form of sexual abuse.

“Oh, there it is.”

He found the clasp of the armor. Unclasping the metal chain, the red bikini armor came off Matilda’s body and fell to the ground.

“I’m sorry you couldn’t kill me. Sleep well.”

After making sure that he had a good view of her bare breasts, Shadow took off his cloak and put it over her naked body. Laying Matilda on the ground again, her naked body hidden by the cloak, Shadow turned his attention to the 3D image of Rowdy.

“Well, what do you think of the results of this experiment grandpa?”

“Gunununu……how could you destroy my work with just a few drinks? Remember this, Shadow the Thief! Next time I see you, I’ll have your body as a formaldehyde specimen!”

[TL Note: The chemical formaldehyde (CH2O) plays an indispensable role in fixing the proteins in a fresh specimen in order to prepare it for wet preservation. Until recently, various solutions of formaldehyde have also been used as a preservative for long-term storage of specimens.]

The three-dimensional image of Rowdy Sandalon disappeared, leaving behind an unfamiliar line of discarded words.

“That’s my line, old man. Grandpa, this debt is going to cost you.”

When you live as a thief, you are prepared for someone to try to kill you. However, Rowdy did something that involved Matilda, who had nothing to do with it, and took advantage of her.

“Your actions are against the aesthetics of villainy. Remember that next time you see me.”

Shadow said, and took off into the sky with his magic.

Rowdy Sandalwood, an enemy that must be defeated sooner or later. Shadow carved the name of his new nemesis into his heart.

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