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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C72

I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C72: Phantom Thief Shadow Elimination Plan (10)


“Whew, that was a tough one.”

“Thank you for your time. Sounds like a lot of work, huh?”

In the usual diner, the usual waitress made tea for Kagehiko. He frowned as he slurped down a cup of dry tea made from simple tea leaves.

“I’ve heard rumors about Rowdy Sandalon……but he seems to be even more screwed up than I imagined.”

Sana said in a dumbfounded tone and gave Kagehiko a sympathetic look.

“I’ll have to deal with that old man sooner or later. It’s not in my nature to leave a debt unpaid.”

Rowdy Sandalon was already gone, but Kagehiko, who did not know this, said such things with a serious expression on his face.

“Well, since I chose to follow the path of a thief and a scoundrel, I expected that there would be people like that. I knew that, and I chose to live this way.”

“Isn’t……that a restrictive way of life for you?”

Kagehiko grinned at Sana’s slightly cautious tone.

“At least it’s not boring.”

“It’s hard being a thief.”

“Not as hard as the Dark Guild.”

The doorbell of the cafeteria rang. It seemed that a new guest had arrived. Kagehiko took his eyes off Sana and went to clean up the tea and snacks. Sana also left the room to go to the new guest.

“Welcome to……?”

“I’m alone………….I need a seat where I can eat quietly.”


The voice sounded familiar. When I glanced back to avoid being recognized, I saw a female knight in armor. It was Matilda Marstofoy, the woman I had seen so much of the other night. Matilda took a seat in the corner of the counter, looked down and told Sana her order.

“Give me some booze……anyway.”

“Um, it’s noon now, is……that okay?”

“It’s okay. I can’t do without my……drink.”

As soon as Sana brought the bottle of sake as ordered, Matilda started to drink it without pouring it into a cup. Both Sana and Kagehiko, who was watching from a distance, rolled their eyes at the excessive amount of drinking.

“You’ve been drinking a lot……Did you have a bad day?”

When Sana asked fearfully, Matilda raised her head and stared at her with blazing eyes.


“I’m so glad you asked! I’ve been through a lot!”

Matilda passionately recounted the events of the past few days to a frightened looking Sana.

Someone had kidnapped her and held her captive. She was injected with a strange chemical and lost her memory from there. When she came to, she found himself sleeping in a ruin, completely naked and wearing only a cloak.

“That’s why…..I had to go home in that outfit! Looking like that, naked……!”

“That was a disaster…….”

Sana glanced over at Kagehiko, who was glaring at her.

“……I guess I wasn’t considerate enough, huh?”

I put a cloak on her, but if I think about it, there is no way that it would be enough to hide the skin of a young woman. And the female knight in front of me has a glamorous figure.

“People I know and people I don’t know have seen my legs and my breasts…….! I can’t get married anymore……!”

Matilda let her tears fall to the counter, and the next moment she stood up furiously with an indignant look on her face.

“This is all the fault of the thief Shadow! It must have been Shadow who kidnapped me and threw me out naked! That perverted thief……! I’ll definitely find him and kill him!”


Kagehiko let out a pitiful sound and looked up at the sky. It seemed that the days of being chased by the killing machine Matilda would continue.

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