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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C73

I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C73: The Characters (7)


Kagehiko Kurono ( Phantom Thief Shadow )

Formerly the [Sage] in a heroic party and now a [Thief].

A great thief who, for some reason, prioritizes the items made in the Demon Country. Even if a trap is set, he dares to jump in for the thrill. That is the thief’s style.

The most terrifying thing for him right now is Matilda Marstofoy. He was traumatized when he was chased around Rowdy’s house. Now whenever he sees the two mountains side by side, for some reason Matilda’s face comes into his mind.



A waitress at Kagehiko’s favorite diner, her true identity is that of an agent of the Dark Guild. She advises Kagehiko about Rowdy Sandalon, but he doesn’t take her seriously and she is worried about him. After that, she has a hard time dealing with Matilda, who has become a new regular at the diner.

The most dreaded thing for her now is summer. Ever since she was a child, she has been sensitive to heat. From the beginning to the end of summer, she loses at least three kilograms. In addition, when she loses weight, for some reason, the flesh goes down from her chest first.

“Why is it that when I gain weight, I start from my stomach, but when I lose weight, I start from my chest? I can’t help but think it’s some kind of curse. I’m seriously considering going to the temple to get rid of it.”


[Matilda Marstofoy]

A female knight of the Slayer Kingdom, the captain of the Phantom Thief Shadow Task Force. She is prepared to do whatever it takes to catch Shadow. However, she didn’t expect this development. After being tortured in various ways by Rowdy Sandalon, she was left naked in a cloak outdoors.

Recently, she found out that she was worshipped as the god of boobs. It is said that when she ran around the capital in her naked cloak, many men and women knelt down and offered prayers.

The most frightening thing for her right now is the “human gaze”.

She feels like everyone is looking at her and talking about her. For a while, she couldn’t even go into a restaurant with many people.

She found a diner that wasn’t crowded at all and started going there, but for some reason, she recognized a male customer who was a regular.


[Rowdy Sandalon]

A court magician of the Slayer Kingdom, he is an amazing wizard who can be called an authority especially when it comes to the development of magic items.

He is a mad scientist and a dangerous person who does not hesitate to trample on human rights for the sake of his research. The crown prince of the Slayer Kingdom is his patron. He designs erotic costumes and gets paid for it, he may have had a talent as a clothing designer. He was marked as one of the new nemesis of the Phantom Thief Shadow, but he was killed by an unknown person in a completely unrelated situation.

The most frightening thing for him now is “aging.”

As he grows older he becomes more and more forgetful. He was scared that he would not be able to continue his research, but now that he was murdered, he doesn’t have to be scared anymore.

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