I was sold at the lowest price C213

I was sold at the lowest price C213

I was sold at the lowest price C213: Mock Battle


I immediately decided to check the performance of Namakra. I opened the hatch, which seemed to creak when opened, and climbed into the cockpit. The cockpit was much smaller than the one in the Arleo, and it would be difficult for the large Lorgo and the mechanic twins to fit in.

I sat down in the stiff chair and placed my hand on the control ball to activate Namakra. A squeaky, noisy startup sound was heard, and the device was powered up. The image of the outside world was projected on the screen, but the resolution was poor. Well, it’s not a problem to identify friend and foe, and it doesn’t seem to affect the sense of distance, so I guess it’s okay…….

I tried to walk, but my movements were still awkward. The balance is poor. The wobbly feeling makes it hard to control. I guess the name “Namakra” isn’t justified, I’m going to have a hard time fighting with this thing.

“Yuta, how do you like the actual ride? It’s not too late for you.”

Kiyone, who has been watching my every move from start-up to walking, tells me so.

“It’s more comfortable than I thought. I think I can manage to fight in it.”

Of course, I’m being stubborn, but as my dad said, you can’t always fight with the best equipment. I feel that if I can master this inferior magicraft, I will be able to grow even more.

After the test ride of the Namakra, Brunnhilde led me to the guest room where I would be sleeping. The guest room was one of the ride carriers, Musashi, and was smaller than my room in Fugaku, with nothing but a bed, but I had no problem sleeping there.

“You can always ask the person in charge in the kitchen room to serve you a meal. As for bathing, there is a large bathroom in Musashi, so please use that. Do you have any other questions?”

“No, that’s enough. Thank you.”

“I’ll be going now…Oh, right. The Great Master said to tell you to come to the recreation room after I show you the room. The recreation room is just up the stairs in front of you.”

“Okay. I’ll be right there.”

Brunnhilde left somewhere with a relieved expression on her face, perhaps from relief at having finished her work. After seeing Brunnhilde off, I went to the recreation room as I was told.

In the recreation room, Kiyone and Dad were relaxing with a drink.

“Oh, you’re here, Yuta.”

“What’s the matter, old man?”

“I’ve got a problem I’d like to discuss with you.”

“A problem?”

When I asked her curiously, Kiyone began to speak instead of Dad.

“I’ve received a request for a mock battle. Your opponent is Teppei of the Scarfi clan, and he wants to fight you tomorrow with his magicraft in front of everyone.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“You see, Teppei’s magicraft, Claymore, is a Highlander-only machine, and an excellent one at that. Do you have any idea what a mock battle between two machines with such a huge difference means?”

“It’s going to be a good match.”

“Hahahahaha, you’re still the best, Yuta. Okay, so you can take care of it then.”

“It’s a mock battle, right? It’s just a good way to test out Namakra before the actual battle.”

“Yes, there are some advantages to thinking that way.”

My dad and I were already thinking about taking part in the mock battle, but Kiyone opposed it with great vigor.

“Wait a minute! Modred made this application, knowing that Yuta would be using Namakra, I can only guess what his intentions were in setting up a mock battle with his old friend Teppei!”

“What are his intentions?”

“They want to beat you in the mock battle, and make your position in the Sword Clan worse…….But if you’re not careful, they might injure you badly and just kick you out.”

“Why are you thinking like that?”

“Hmmm………Look, you came out of nowhere and easily became a disciple of the Sword Saint Veft, who is revered by the members of the Sword Clan! Imagine how everyone feels about you now that you’ve become the disciple of the Sword Saint, a position they could never achieve even if they wanted to!”

“I don’t care what other people think, the master-student relationship is between me and father. If they’re jealous of that and want to do something about it, they can do whatever you want. I won’t be defeated by them.”

“But physically, the highlander machine and Namakra are not…..”

Kiyone was about to say something when the old man spoke up in a strong tone.

“Kiyone! Are you forgetting the basics of the Veft Style? Shinto-technique oneness. The current Yuta has the heart, he also has the techniques I taught him. When did you start predicting the outcome of battles based on nothing but your imagination? How much do you know about Yuta’s power?”

“……I certainly don’t know Yuta’s power. I understand, I’ll agree to the mock battle tomorrow. However, depending on the outcome of that mock battle, Yuta, you will be asked to leave the Sword Clan. The Sword Clan does not need weaklings!”

Kiyone then walked out of the recreation room, feeling angry.

“Did I do something wrong?”

When I asked that, dad laughed and said.

“Hahahahaha, after all that, you must have realized that the person who’s jealous the most is her.”

I didn’t understand what he meant for a minute, but my dad seemed a little happy, so I felt like I didn’t have to think too much about it.

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