I was sold at the lowest price C214

I was sold at the lowest price C214

I was sold at the lowest price C214: The Results of Training

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On the way to Tamihar, the source of the Swordsmen’s work, we took a short break in a wide valley. Originally, there was no need to take a break since we were traveling in a ride carrier, but it seemed that they had taken the trouble to make time for the mock battle between me and Teppei.

As the third disciple of the Sword Saint Veft, my battle had attracted the attention of the members of the Sword Clan in a rather bad way. Most of the gathered spectators were cheering for Teppei before the fight even started.

“Teppei is a member of the Scarfi clan, so I can understand why people from that side would support Teppei, but it seems like the Kiyone clan is also supporting the other side.”

Kiyone and Brunnhilde had been with me for the preparations before the mock battle and when I said that to the two of them like a complaint, they just told me the truth without changing their expressions.

“My disciples don’t think well of you either…….I’m sorry, but there is no one here who approves of you except for father.”

“Wow, they hate me.”

“It’s not hate. I think they’re just jealous.”

“Well, anyway, if I’m going to repay dad, I’m going to have to get everyone’s approval……I’ll have to win this fight first.”

“If you get hurt, father will be sad. At the very least, take it easy…….”

I nodded at Kiyone’s words and climbed into Namakra. I put my hand on the control ball and activated the magicraft. It sounded awkward, but I managed to get it working properly.

“The mock battle will begin soon. Both sides to the center of the stage.”

The man in charge of the mock battle was Scarfi’s number one disciple, Modred. In order to control the mock battle between the magic machines, Modred was also on board of a magicraft called Swordbreaker, and he was giving instructions to me and Teppei via the external output sound device.

I proceeded with Namakra to the center of the stage as directed by Modred. As I walked, emitting a strange squeaking sound, I could hear laughter all around me but Teppei’s claymore walked to the center of the mock battle stage, the laughter turned into cheers.

“This battle is a mock battle, but it’s as close to a real one as it gets. If either side gives up, or if the magicraft is disabled, it’s over. Both sides must give it their all.”

When Modred finished, Teppei spoke to me.

“Yuta, I’m sorry, but I’m going to beat you to death.”

“Teppei, are you really capable of that?”

“Where do you come up with that kind of confidence? This is a Highlander-only machine, and yours is a piece of shit magicraft that can barely stand up.”

“Teppei, have you ever seen Dad……Sword Saint Veft’s swordplay?”

“What are you talking about all of a sudden? I’ve seen it a few times.”

“So let me ask you, do you think you can defeat the Sword Saint Veft while he uses a wooden sword, and you a real sword?”

“Do you think you’re a Sword Saint or something? You can’t get carried away just because you got a little bit of direct instruction from the Grand Master!”

I didn’t mean to provoke him, but Teppei seemed to take it that way and shouted in anger.

“Let’s stop wasting time talking and start the mock battle. Rather than argue with words, both of you should use your swords to assert your claims!”

A little angry, Teppei and I shushed each other. After a breath, Modred called for us to begin.

“Then let the mock battle begin!”

At the same time, Teppei swung his wide, two-handed sword at me with all his might. I jumped backwards to avoid it. Namakra leap was awkward, but I managed to avoid Teppei’s sword just in time.

Teppei spun his body around and came at Namakra, swinging his two-handed sword. I decided that I couldn’t avoid it with the way Namakra leapt earlier, so I stepped up and blocked it with my sword.

Namakra’s weapon was a thin sword with a barrel like a Japanese sword, only half the size of the two-handed sword wielded by Teppei’s Claymore. If I took him head on, I risked breaking the sword, and with Namakra’s strength, he might just force me into a corner. I took the sword at an angle, allowing the two-handed sword of Teppei to travel upwards.

This is a technique that I devised to take on my father’s absurdly powerful sword, and I remember him praising me a lot when I succeeded for the first time.

When Teppei’s Claymore two-handed sword swung into the air, the people around him shouted in surprise. Most of them seemed to think that the fight had just been decided with that one blow.

However, the fight would start here. The way he swung his sword and the way he positioned himself, Teppei seemed to be taking his sword training very seriously and had no gaps. If it becomes a long-term battle, Namakra would have no chance of winning, given it’s durability.

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